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ResidentEvil-inspired modification, featuring basic mechanics from classic RE games, such as static camera, inventory, tank controls and more... Players find themselves in a mysterious mansion, full of zombies, headcrabs and other dangers. With limited inventory and movement, escaping the residence of evil horrors will not be an easy task.

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Hello and welcome!

Lost and Damned is a modification, focused on altering the basic gameplay mechanics, turning the well-known FPS into a third person survival horror game with new mechanics, which are mostly inspired from classic Resident Evil games.


You don't like tank controls? Well, too bad, because all ingame movement is executed by tank-like controls.

W for moving forward, S for moving backwards and A/D are used for turning. Sprinting is also in place, but it's not recommended for tight spaces due to high chance of bumping into walls.



Just like in RE games, players can now access their inventory, which contains the information about health condition and all stored items.

Items have different types, whether that be a healing item, ammo or a puzzle element.



Fortunately, weapons don't need free inventory slots, but guns have to be reloaded manually by using ammo in the inventory.

In combat, you can't shoot/attack and move at the same time, and the backwards movement speed is reduced, so players have to be very careful. Thankfully, the enemy AI pauses itself, when the inventory is open.

Players also have to keep track of their health condition and, when in danger, either use healing items or retreat.


Another feature are savepoints. Players can no longer savescum through any obstacles and have to find special save rooms instead.

The mod's development started abit less than a month ago, there are still many things that I've not decided yet, like the plot. But I can say there won't be any connections to the RE lore.

I plan releasing a short playable demo as soon as possible. In any case, if you like what you see, be sure to leave your thoughts in below.

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