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Meet the Undead units! The second batch of enemies the player comes across.

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Last time I talked about Rats but this week it's the turn of The Undead. These units are found in stages 6 to 10 and they introduce the player to a new mechanic - the Fallen unit state. All Undead units enter this state when they otherwise would be killed. During this state, they are unable to use skills, take extra damage and lose health at the end of their turn.

Because of this, they stay in the stage for longer and can be very hardy when the right combination of units are working against the player.

The Fallen State

fallen state

The Units



The Ghoul is a melee fighter. It introduces the Slow status effect which reduces a target's movement by 1, making it harder for enemies to flee.

  • Move: Travel to a nearby Tile.
  • Mangle: Deal Physical damage to a nearby enemy and Slow it.

Death Weaver

Death Weaver

The Death Weaver is a ranged support fighter. It deals more damage to enemies with debuffs such as Burn or Slow and revives other Fallen allies. Because of this, it has good synergy with other Undead units.

  • Move: Travel to a nearby Tile.
  • Death Coil: Deal Magical damage to an enemy. Deals 50% more if the target has a status effect.
  • Revive: Remove the Fallen state from and ally so it may fight again. Costs 1 Shard.



The Cleaver is a hardy melee fighter that deals area damage to nearby units and can pull ranged enemies to it.

  • Move: Travel to a nearby Tile.
  • Cleave: Deal Physical damage to an enemy and 2 adjacent nearby enemies.
  • Hook: Pull a ranged enemy towards you.



The Banshee is an a counter to large enemy teams. In addition to spreading Burn and Slow to enemies, she can destroy herself and take control of an enemy non-hero unit. She has low health and is a priority target if you want to keep your allies on your side! Otherwise she's mobile but relatively harmless.

  • Teleport: Travel to a nearby Tile. Ignores obstacles.
  • Cursed Amulet: Give an enemy Burn or Slow. If they have both, deal damage instead.
  • Possess: Destroy yourself and take control of an enemy non-hero.

The Boss

The Lich

the lich

The Lich boss requires a little more decision making than the Rat King. Like the Rat King, he gains +1 Energy at the end of his turn and he also summons allies. But these allies are harmless if the player kills them quickly. Otherwise they'll spawn a random Undead unit from the units above.

The choice here is to either damage The Lich or prevent additional threats from spawning.

In addition to this, The Lich halves an enemy's health but cannot destroy an enemy itself.

  • Disperse: Teleport to a random tile. Costs 2 Energy.
  • Book of Insults: Halve an enemy's health.
  • Restless Grave: Summon a Restless Grave that starts Fallen and summons a random Undead unit if left alone.

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for information on the next group of technologically advance enemies - the Goblins!

If you'd like to try out the game, you can play for free in browser or sign up for the android alpha testing for automatic updates!

xtoff - - 3 comments

Love it :)

Just played. Nice and fast gameplay (spacebar for next-turn is great). Maybe you could smooth the camera zoom a bit when using mouse wheel.

Pocketowl :D good one.

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jaggygames Author
jaggygames - - 2 comments

Thank you for taking a look! :D

I never thought about that - I'll add smoother zooming to the To Do list - thanks so much for the feedback :)

Hehe ;)

Have a good day!

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