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This Article informs your about the Background Concept behind the Commander Survival Kit and its managers. Additionally some Questions will be answered in an FAQ as well.

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Hello Commanders,
welcome to General Information acticle regarding to this Project.

Below you will find an General FAQ about this Mod:

What is the Commander Survival Kit?
The Commander Survival Kit (short C.S.K.) is an new upcoming UI mod, which adds two interesting Managers into the game. The Reinforcement and Fire Support Manager will give the player new Options to interact with the Game more. In this Case he will be able to call Units as Reinforcements to expand his Army or if he is in Danger to use them as Backup. With the Fire Support manager the Player will have an direct influence in the battle as before. He will be able to call Artillery, Missile and several other callable Weapon barrages to support his Army with addiitonal Fire Support or improve his own Defense.

Both Managers

Where is this Idea coming from (Origins)?
The main idea of both Managers is coming from the Game World in Conflict.
This Game has an integrated Reinforcement and Fire Support Manager, which does actually the Same thing as above but of course with some difference. The concept to integrate these managers into Supcom/Forged Alliance was in my personal archives since my Start as an Modder. But my lack about Coding was the reason to add this Concept to my archives. Until now... Originally the Reinforcement manager was planned to appear as an exclusive Feature in my upcoming Space Mod FBP Orbital, which is currently in Development. However to prevent FBP Orbital to be much complex regarding to its Code in the future. I have decided to make an new Mod which contains both Managers directly as an Standalone Mod.

When its Release?
The first Version of this Mod will be released in december (between Christmas and New Year)

Where it will be Release?
Here on Moddb and on the FAF Modvault.

For which Gameversions is this Mod designed for?
This Mod will be compatible for all Gameversions of the Game.
For Steam/Retail, FAF and LOUD

Is this Mod compatible with Unit Mods:
This Mod is basically an UI Mod.
The Callable Weapon Barrages (Artillery, Missile and so on) are stationary Air Units without an Model.
These are the only new Units in this Mod so far
It is compatible with all Unit Mods.
But UI Mods should be uesed carefully since I'dont have check them out so far.

For which Gamemodes is this Mod desinged for?
Survival mode (FAF Only)
Campaign (requieres the Campaign Mod eneabler)

Is this Mod in Early Access?
Yes it is currently avaiable in Early Access on my Github Repository:

Will there be an detailed Guide/Tutorial for both Managers?:
Yes I plan to write two detailed Articles to explain the functionallity of both Managers.
Additional Videos are possible as well.

How are these Managers working (short description)?
The current Reinforcement Manager, which is aviavlbe in early access at the moment is for air reinforcements. This manager works with an Wave system. so you have to wait several Minutes until the reinforcement Wave of 4 Air Units can be called. The Units are spawning on an random Location at the map Border and can be used by the Player after that. The Air transports have access to attached Prebuild Landunits, which gives you the oppertunity to use them for Land Ambushes as well.

Reinforcements arrive

The planned land Reinforcement manager will work similar like the Fire Support manager below.
But different with dropcapusles and teleport technology compared to weapon Projectiles and shells.

The Fire Support Manager is using an Point System.
These Tactical Points tranfered by your ACU HQ will be generate your point Collection over the Time.

Tactical Points

You can use them to buy some callable Weapon Barrages to support your Armies.
The Barrages are callable anywhere on the Map by clicking an specific Location.
However compared to the Reinforcement Units:
The Barrage Units will disappear after they have firing their projectiles.
make sure to place them in the near of the enemy Unit.
Not directly over or to far from it.
Several different types of Barrages are avalible:
Any of them have an different Strength and Point Cost.
So use them wise.
From Light, Medium, Regular Heavy to Experimental

Are there new Weapons planned to appear as callable Barrages?
Yes of course.
One of them are already created the Tactical Mini Nuke Missile.

Aeon Tactical  Mini Nuke

These Missiles are located between an regular Tactical Missile and their larger nuclear Cousins.
Compared to an regular Nuke thse Missiles can be shot down by TMD's.
Additionally there are Weaker and Smaller as Nukes but stronger then Tactical Missiles.
Of course some other Interesting Barrages like Rapid fire, Support or Special ones can be added to the Fire Support Manager in the Future. If you have any suggestions let me know for sure.

Why are no Experimentals avaiable as Reinforcements:
There are three main Reasons why they have been not added yet to this Manager:
Concept not sure
If the request are high for them I will add them later but they will be limited.

Why are no Naval Units available as Reinforecements:
Naval Units are difficult to be integrated yet.
Theoretical they could use the Wave system similar like the Air reinforecment Manager.
And with the random Spawn Position they could be spawn anywhere on the map.
The Problem acutally is that any Map is different regarding to its Terrian.
That means the water/ocean is located on different locations, which makes it hard to set the Spawn Points for naval Units as reinforcements. if i find a way in the future they will be added but for now no.

Will there be Units from other Mods availalbe as Reinforcements?:
Yes other Units from popular Mods (like Brewlan, 4th Dimension and Blackops) will appear in the manager as well. These Units will be not directly integrated into the Mod. But thier Blueprintfiles can be hooked/modified to work with the Manager.

What is currently in devlopment/planned for both Managers?
The land Reinforcement manager is planned to appear in the next upcoming Early Access Updates.
This manager will work similar like the Fire support manager with its own Point system.
With this you will be able to call land Units as reinforcements anywhere on the map with Dropcapsules or teleport technology. However each Unit will cost a specific amount of collected Points. So use them wise.

This article will be expanded from time to time
So make sure to check it out sometimes.

Best regards

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