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Hey! We are a small team of college students developing our first professional game: Running Chambers. Hope you like it!

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Running Chambers is a fast-paced first person speedrunner where the only way to survive is to complete the chambers before time runs out... or anything kills you.

Key Features

  • Rush through the chambers with dazzling speed
  • Excel at dodging traps and obstacles
  • Overcome the world’s best player’s highscores

This is nothing but a deadly arena to show your true skills against the best in the world!

The game is still in its early development stages (only 4 months since we started), but we will post new updates every month for you to follow the development of the game.

Thank you for reading!

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Guest - - 695,073 comments

I don't know if it's just me, but im getting portal vibes from the textures lol

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ApeRepublicStudios Author
ApeRepublicStudios - - 3 comments

Portal...? I have no idea what you're talking about... lol yeah, because the game is focused on speed we made simple textures. We are still in the very early stages of development, so chances are the texture may change a little.

Thank you for your comment!

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wimbleking - - 5 comments

Looks cool so far! It reminds me of playing "Sand is Lava" at the beach, but much more extreme and virtual : D are you planning a VR version by chance?

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ApeRepublicStudios Author
ApeRepublicStudios - - 3 comments

Thank you! If the game is successful and we get many requests from players we may consider making a VR version

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CED2011 - - 189 comments

Holyyy this looks very pretty!
It's a nice idea for a project and it seems it's taking good shape :)
I know it's early in development, but here are a few things I thought it'd be nice to have checked. The "speed" effect on the screen could turn repetitive or annoying after some time. Maybe have it implemented only if using some sort of "extreme speed" power up? Or someting alike.
You could even add first person animations for climbing or jumping where you could see the player's hand models. Like some sort of parkour system. Seems like the perfect kind of game for a system like that.
Sure, sure, don't go all mad at me since it's still in develepment and I know it, these are just ideas that came to mind at first glance. The project already look awesome. Keep it up. I'll track this

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ApeRepublicStudios Author
ApeRepublicStudios - - 3 comments

Thank you! Not at all, we really appreciate your comment & feedback! Hopefully you'll get to see some of the big changes we're working on next month :D

Thank you again for the feedback! <3

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