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We have made tremendous progress this week towards our Alpha release and Cell's release itself. We're so excited to have made it this far, and we're glad to be able to take you on the journey with us. Let's give you a little heads up of what we've done so far:

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We now have voice actors! We will be having voice actors portray the story throughout the game. Please give a warm welcome to our new sailors (or whatever the nautical equivalent of a voice actor is):

  • Joseph Sierra - as Max

  • Maria Griffin - as Sister

  • Michael Mowen - as Dr. Walter Crane

  • Isaac Rockoff - as Dr. Harold Crane

  • Collin Bryant - as Dr. Abernathy

  • Kathleen Harmer - as Head Nurse Mary

  • Elise Barry - as Nurse Nancy

We also have made many long strides on the game itself, which include improved animations, developed AI, realistic models, and more. But we'll tell you more about that later. For now, there's something else we want to tell you about.


  • Added facial morph targets to the enemy character

    • Now we can add facial animations on top of our other animations to bring it more to life!

  • Created movement animations for the main enemy

  • Finished first person animation rework

    • New movement animations that feel more natural and show the phone better

    • Improved hand animations for phone interactions

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