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We hereby announce the end of Galactic Armory's active development. There are no plans to release further patches and releases for it.

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Star Date S-Y2013-M08-D10-1337
Incoming Transmission:
Stasis initialized.
All non-vital systems powering down.
Life support redundancy... check.
Duration of stasis... UNKNOWN

The state of things

The most loyal of our followers may have been wondering about the lack of updates regarding the development of Galactic Armory 2.0. Unfortunately there is no nice way of saying this; simply put, the development is put on ice.

Now this may come surprising and as a huge shock for most of you, but for everyone on the team this was something that was visible on the horizon for a long time. In the end it boils down to real life interfering with our plans, combined with said plans being overly ambitious, and ultimately a lack of motivation that grew worse as time went on. There isn't a single person to blame for this (well, maybe except myself...), and a step we pretty much decided unanimously on.

What the future holds

With Blind Mind Studios having officially announced Star Ruler 2 just a few days ago, there is a possibility we - either as a whole or at least some of us - will be modding SR2 as well. However, the announcement of SR2 had absolutely nothing to do with our decision; it was made long before any news of SR2 had been released. It is also worth noting that it is still far too early to make any promises, so you may or may not see us working on an SR2 mod in the future.

With that being said I also can not rule out some further refinement of Galactic Armory for SR1. While there are no plans as of now, it is not entirely impossible that there will be some form of improvement in the future. No promises, though!

Parting Words

"Parting words" is admittedly sounding overly dramatic, but since I do not now when or if I will post another news for this mod, I would like to say a final thank you to everyone who had been involved in the making of this mod over the course of the last years. This includes of course the team members and fellow modders, who contributed so much work and content to the mod, but also YOU as loyal fans and players of the mod, who would always give us valuable feedback and ideas, as well as the developers of Star Ruler, who have always been helpful in every possible way.

Thank You!

Galactic Armory Mod Project Lead

Bludger1 - - 253 comments

If I could give a standing ovation over the internet I would.

Thank you for all the work you and your team have done on this wonderful mod these past few years. Your efforts were incredible and helped a wonderful game become something so much more.

Thank you.

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XTRMNTR2K - - 64 comments

Thank you so much! I'm relieved to hear you found joy in our work and understand our choice, however unpopular such a decision may be. Still, I believe it was the right one as anything else would not have been up to our own standard of quality.

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weasle - - 315 comments

Well it was good while it lasted, you guys have definitely made star ruler a much more enjoyable game to play, thank-you for everything.

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XTRMNTR2K - - 64 comments

Thanks a lot, weasle. I'm glad you see it that way. :)

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Ignatz - - 427 comments

Without GA the SR is unplayable for me. Well thanks for your hard work!

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XTRMNTR2K - - 64 comments

Thanks, glad you appreciate our work. :)

To be fair though, vanilla SR is still a pretty damn fun game. It's just that you start to miss a little 'bling' once you get used to it I guess. :D

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henri.schoots - - 1 comments

thank you for all the fish!

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Guest - - 695,465 comments

Really one of the most outstanding and inspiring mods out there.

Thanks for all the hard work guys

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