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Have you ever played a fighting game like Street Fighter or Tekken? Ignis is totally unlike either of them but still offers loads of competitive fun! Choose one of many powerful wizards and take part in a competition of spells! Make no mistake, this is no spelling competition. Ignis is epic, spectacular and – above all – magical!

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Let’s get into the details, shall we? Every character has one unique passive ability, a few spells and one ultimate incantation available to use. Wizards can launch projectiles, which serves as a basic means of damaging your opponent, or his pride at least. In case of a magical barrage, you can always hide behind a magical barrier or use a summoned familiar as cannon fodder.

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There are four types of spells in Ignis: The Magic of Destruction, which is pretty self explainatory. The Magic of Life restores health, creates barriers and buffs characters, The Magic of Nature allows the user to transform the terrain and to control… well, nature. Lastly, there’s The Magic of Secrets, which involves curses. All four categories are very diverse on their own. For example, The Magic of Nature can be used to create defensive blocks or attack the enemy with vines or even spawn a destructive black hole.

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Every type of magic also has its flaws. It’s super tough to battle against a skilled shaman but his cursing abilities aren’t as relevant as one might think. The Magic of Secrets is a powerful force that can change the course of battle in no time but it actually needs a bit of luck to take effect on the opponent! So remember – even the mightiest foe has a weakness that can be used against him.

If you want to know more about the magical nature of Ignis, please add the game to your wishlist and stay up to date with all future announcements!


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