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There's a new mouse control mode in town: teleport! So progress has been made, but I took a really bumpy road to get here.

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Hi everyone!

As the title suggests progress has been made, but I took a really bumpy road to get here. I'm done with a new update, but even though I mentioned around two weeks multiple times, it took more than a month :/

Big-ish? Or lots of small-ish?

I wanted to release some of the new goodies of the planned expansion pack without spoiling the new content. Just new functionality. For this to happen I had to make a version of the game which is halfway between my current development build and the existing released builds, which took way more time than I originally expected. Silly me. Regardless of not featuring new content, it does bring lots of convenience features and quality of life changes ;)

Teleport to target

There's a new mouse control mode in town: teleport!
If you play the game a lot and dislike waiting for the movement animations this will speed it up to be *instantaneous.

Path-finding is still the default option for mouse controls, but you can change your settings within the "Options" menu under the "Mouse" sub-menu using the "Control" entry.

* Only the tile-to-tile movement is changed to be lightning fast. Picking up stuff, fighting battles, or opening chests still animate the same way for the sake of clarity.


The game has been localized to Polish ( )! I'm hoping I Am Overburdened will be enjoyed by more players in Poland thanks to this. Ahoy from Hungary my dear friends :)

Special thanks to Daniel Oskar Moroz (MorDan) for his awesome work!

This build also includes a bunch of localization text fixes. Typos corrected, a few things renamed, some sentences re-worded, and such in multiple languages.

I would love to add even more supported languages, but at the moment the translation of the updated content is still ongoing. New translations will probably not happen in the near future. I did add support for non-Latin characters/languages (e.g.: Cyrillic or CJK) though, so strides have been made in this direction.

Where credit is due

The game officially supports 8 languages already. For this to happen many people contributed and I wanted to honor their work more appropriately. Previously only the translators of the currently selected language were shown in the credits menu, but now there's a menu entry to cycle through the names of everyone who worked on the texts of the game.

Nightmare and Treasury confusion

There was a "discrepancy" between the Main Menu and the Inn area in the way the Treasury game variant and the Nightmare difficulty can be accessed. In the Inn, the Nightmare difficulty (goat-skull statue) worked as a difficulty toggle and the Treasury mode was a special trapdoor.

Personally, I liked the functionality of the Main Menu much better and it made more sense (to me at least). Nightmare being a different more vicious dungeon and Treasury is simply a game alteration toggle (like the Elite variant or the Stash items).

Now the Inn matches the Main Menu. There's a separate trapdoor for Nightmare difficulty and a toggle (golden lock) for the Treasury variant.

Only fools seek their own destruction

From now on Nightmare difficulty can be unlocked and accessed immediately (without completing a dungeon on Normal first). A present for those who are feeling a bit overconfident :P

Quality of life

Quite a few menu changes and fixes found their way into the game with this update.

I re-organized the Help menu screens to (better) describe all the inn entities.

For multiple menu entries, "page-turner" widgets were added for enhancing mouse support. These include the "Language" entry of the Options menu, the "Window" and "Scaling" entries within the Graphics menu, and the "Control" entry in the Mouse menu.

Multiple mouse right-click handling and mouse movement focus handling bugs were fixed (Start and Controls screens).

Is it over?

The change list for this update is, but the work on the big content patch is not yet. I know this must be tiring :( but it is really, really close though. In fact, I'm so close to finishing it, that I don't plan to publish more tiny updates beforehand.

It looks like the next one will be the one and only long-awaited expansion pack which I'm dubbing "The Encumbered Edition" :)

I still don't want to pick a date since I'm super bad with deadlines ( as you can see :D ), but I want to give some structure to its release. I will start preparing and posting more info (+screenshots and gifs) about it in the following days.

Stay tuned and take care!

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