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Not much news on my front, but I'm doing game development (at least some, sort-of) and I'm still alive :) I Am Overburdened - Update 1.2.8.

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Hello there!

Not much news on my front, but I'm doing game development (at least some, sort-of) and I'm still alive :)

Where have you been?

I disappeared for a looong time from the online world and from I Am Overburdened development. I really wanted to continue releasing updates for the game, but I wasn't in a good place and my circumstances did not allow it. I hope you can understand and forgive the prolonged silence.

Where are you going to?

Not a Blue Cafe specifically, but I wish to finish my plans. I wasn't putting in many hours, but progress did happen bit by bit on the I Am Overburdened content update. I'm excited to return to it. I don't know if I'll be releasing it piece by piece or as a big package, but you can come with me if you are still interested in this journey ;)

I want to know what is new!

Hold your horses (and your enthusiasm) just yet. This is a tiny update. Kind of a "first step" for me as well towards the release of the long-awaited expansion.

New dungeon templates

2022.02.02 New Dungeon Templates

5 new assets were added for allowing the map generator to create even more varied levels. The game launched with 20, now reaching 40 with this update. These new ones were carefully balanced to fit into the difficulty range of the existing game well.

Level balance fixes

Many of the existing levels had balance "bugs". The underlying dungeon templates allowed the generator to create too easy setups, or just the opposite, quite grueling ones with too big of a chance. On a few levels you easily had to fight 3 or 4 enemies to open the way to the stairs, but sometimes 0 were put in your path.

9 dungeons from the existing ones were retouched to make these less frequent and/or less extreme.

An achievement hint

I remembered that the "Van Helsing" achievement left some players confused or puzzled about the last monster. Now a small hint appears if you unlocked all the other monsters and met the one you are supposed to unlock, to "nudge" you in the right direction.

Miles of endless roads

Yep, that is it and indeed it is not much. Regardless for me, it feels like a lot, since it means I still have the drive to release updates for this lovely project and hopefully the expansion pack will materialize.

To keep my momentum up and to not leave you waiting indefinitely again, I'm planning to write another post in about a week or so. Sort of like a follow-up to detail how and when this eluding expansion can happen.
Maybe it will be accompanied by another tiny update too ;)

Thanks for your relentless interest.
I really appreciated all your inquiries and kind words even if and when I had no strength in me to show it to you in any form!
Take care, talk to you soon.


Welcome back and congrats on releasing an update :) Best of luck on what lies ahead!

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That was me who left the comment 🤔

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Spidi777 Author

Thanks for the kind words :)
I will try to make the most of it and make the best "expansion pack" I can for the game ;)

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