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Sigma will include a mixed tech feature in the next update patch.

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One the notable features that Fleet Operations introduced was the inclusion of Mixed Tech. Available in multiplayer matches, players that teamed up with different races had access to hybrid technologies and other unique ships developed between both species. Sigma will include a similar system, with tweaks and changes to help add variety. At the moment in Fleet Operations mixed tech comes in the form of ships with bonuses or added special weapons. In Sigma the hybrid technology can be found in many more areas, including upgrades that improve system performance, alter the rate of fire of ships, and of course grant access to unique ships like in Fleet Operations. Each race prefers to adapt the technologies of their allies differently. For instance the aggressive Zevestivan prefer to take the best weapons of their comrades and slap them unto the hulls of their ships. The V.R.A. on the other hand prefer to reverse engineer the concepts behind alien technology and improve their own, such as adding plasma cores to their ballistic missiles.

Here's just a sample of the hybrid technologies that will appear in the next patch:

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Zevestivan Hybrid Technologies
- The Zevestivan receive the following mixed tech when allied with:

V.R.A.: Artillery Canon
Sov: EMP Mines
Mylock: Plasma Slicer
Ekoset: Solar Beam

V.R.A. Hybrid Technologies
- The V.R.A. receive the following mixed tech when allied with:

Zevestivan: Volatile Missiles
Sov: Automated Resource Drones
Mylock: Plasma Core Missiles
Ekoset: Solar Array Turret Add-on

Sov Hybrid Technologies
- The Sov receive the following mixed tech when allied with:

Zevestivan: Tesla Anti-Missile Defense
V.R.A.: MMFRL (multiple-micro-fire-rocket-launcher)
Mylock: Dark Matter Jump Drive
Ekoset: Small Scale Shield Generator

Mylock Hybrid Technologies
- The Mylock receive the following mixed tech when allied with:

Zevestivan: Plasma Cascade
V.R.A.: Nanomachine Regeneration
Sov: Plasma Conduits
Ekoset: Solar Panel Add-on

Ekoset Hybrid Technologies
- The Ekoset receive the following mixed tech when allied with:

Zevestivan: UV Mines
V.R.A.: UV Missile System
Sov: Mass-Compound Cargo Holds
Mylock: Solar Pulse Canons

And this is just the initial batch for the next patch. Further patches will add in more mixed tech, even more so when Fleet Ops implements their new mixed tech concepts down the road.

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