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By some miracle...Parasomnia may actually be 100% more playable by Christmas 2022. Didn't want to jinx it because of all the failed attempts in the past, but Parasomnia 1.5 is going to be a reality! A TOTAL overhaul of ALL the issues that plagued the 1.0 release and BEYOND. Read on! This is the most important update ever.

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Okay, I know I flaked out quite a bit. New mods were in the works, new mods weren't in the works...then they were, then there was a comic, then there wasn't...then Half-Rats as a game series was pronounced dead as a concept, followed by a bunch of videos of me crying and chugging whiskey...but then it wasn't. The team is back together. It all started when I realized why the game was so hideously dark. None of us thought so at the time. In fact, I got through a decent chunk of Parasomnia during testing without even using the lantern. Well, we must have all had magic monitors...long story short - Parasomnia is BRIGHTER now. But I couldn't stop there. I opened up the RMFs...and began my descent into madness.

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Aside from that, I've also made it much easier to find your way around early on with this:


And these will show up throughout the game:

To help guide you...


Additional hints pop up like glowing sprites, in-game messages, and more color-coded locks.

Here's a much more comprehensive list of changes that will be made and are MOSTLY already finished.

Level Fixes:

1. In-game text to give clues as to what to do next.
2. Glowing sprites on objects of interest.
3. Bloody footsteps to guide the player.
4. Color-coded locks.
5. Environmental lights/colored lights to guide the player.
6. Better enemy placement.
7. Dynamite is acquired much earlier.
8. Map added to Para3.
9. Vending machine added to para3.
10. Maps are MUCH brighter.
11. Extended the final chapter to get more time with Barnaby, and more goodies.
12. Some HRAFD enemies will be making a comeback.
13. You can no longer miss the Henry or Shotgun.
14. New Song.
15. Deeper explanations and overhaul of the Tutorial (Paraschool) map.
16. Endless enemy crypt spawn scene overhauled: Slower enemies, faster door open, slower close, and the player is provided dynamite.
17. Removed the flicker effect on lights to help with framerate issues.
18. New Skyboxes.

Weapon Fixes:

1. Colt fires faster.
2. Colt secondary fire is faster.
3. Colt secondary fire now recoils vertically.
4. Shotgun is less accurate.
5. Shotgun has tracers.
6. Henry is very inaccurate without ironsights on.
7. Henry ironsights now zoom considerably.
8. Saber block and unblock is now much quicker and doesn't toggle.
9. Dynamite does more damage.


1. Enemy stats rebalanced.
2. Player/Weapon stats rebalanced.


1. Dialogue is now SKIPPABLE.

Bosses: They are going to be featured as they were originally designed.

1. Bernard now has vulnerable hitbox and stun mechanic to make the fight more interesting.
2. Caleb can now get you at any angle.
3. Traskboss now has slower attacks and a stunned mode, and the arena/map he resides in has been redesigned.


1. Half-Cat can now be picked up and deployed to various locations.


1. Half-Rats will have NORMAL pee.
2. The Player model will be the CORRECT one.

Bernardbox2 1


redlight 1hc1


Yes, the player will now have the ability to pick up Half-Cat, manually pet them with the right mouse button. You will not be able to fight while holding Half-Cat!


armor training

I came down with COVID, but I've been mapping through it, and helping take care of my son. I've been a busy boy - even after losing my job, but while I have the time and the encouragement from my wife, I'm going to do what I can to finally rectify one of the biggest bones of contention in my life. FIXING PARASOMNIA. We will need a lot of help spreading the word, so I'm counting on you loyal Half-Ratters!

Until next time! HAVE A HOT DOG!

Hot dog


Glad to see that you are fixing and improving the game! Potato gamers appreciate your work! Stay safe!

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Thats good to hear mate! Take Your time and thanks for Your hard work!

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Looking forward to another round.

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It's been too long since I last played it, stoked to see 1.5 next Christmas!

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а почему он полу-кот?

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Half-Rats Author


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Christmas 2022 is gonna be extra special!

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Half-Rat return of the king!

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