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Learn how to become the best general in Equilibrium. Take your sword, shield and glasses and spend 2 minutes to... read...

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Taking the initiative teaches you more than simply defending.


In order to understand how to play "Equilibrium" for Rome Total War, you must have at least an IQ or 150. Yes, that high. So be sure that you have watched enough episodes of "Rick and Morty" before playing this mod.

First of, you need to create your army. But how can someone with an IQ lower than 150 create a good army? Well, this is why I am here. To teach you.

Learn these principles:


- numbers are greater than elite units.

- flanking hurts even the strongest unit.

- if an unit is strong enough, there is no need to upgrade it.

- look at the stats of the unit and upgrade it, if needed, in a way that will help you use it most efficient.

- make a plan for each unit .

- silver silver upgrades are good as well. Gold-gold units are just expensive casualties.

- always bring full army

- balanced army is best army.

- a weak unit with upgrades can be more helpful than an elite unit with no upgrades

- attack upgrades are more important than defense upgrades, but more costly.

Learn how to counter an enemy army:


- vs armor: pillums, javelins.

- vs cavalry: arrows, spears.

- vs elephants: cavalry charges, arrows, pillums, spears

- vs chariots: blob your units and take the initiative

- cavalry using spear => bonus vs cavalry.

- cavalry when using swords, maces, knifes, etc => bonus vs infantry.

- flanking a unit is most efficient.

- many times, there is no need to engage a phalanx from front.

- units that can hide can be great help for your cavalry, in order to create ambushes.

- siege engines are good when the enemy has much infantry, especially against phalanx.

- spears have HUGE bonus vs cavalry. Even basic spears can damage well.

- adapt your formation to the enemy formation. Don't be stiff. Be like the wind.

- against missiles, use loose formation

Now, mount your horse and get ready for battle!

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