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Broken bugs are broken, but NOT FOR LONG! More coming after fixing game breaking bugs.

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Hey all! The game has launched! After so many hard pressed hours, it is now out for all to take part in contributing to making this game better! Already we have had lots of feedback and have prioritized fixes so all can jump in and enjoy playing.

Since launch through the weekend the team has launched 5 hotfix patches to alleviate some issues several users were experiencing. We’d like to take this time to say thank you for all the feedback, suggestions and support. I know the initial mixed reviews were a bit disheartening, but we hope to disprove them with our actions and visibility.

We have enjoyed several videos from fans and content creators, we appreciate your optimism and it motivates us to do more. We are all dedicated to making this game the best Zombie game out there. We are all goofy bunch, and are very active. Thank you all for your patience, as we get the game on track and cleaned up.

More hotfixes are on the way, followed by more added content later on. So what’s the team working on now specifically?

Priority fixes

Major bugs:

-Save system non-function

-Ik melee/rifle socket sometimes disappears from respawn/change level

-Respawn sometimes in blue storage w/ body bag

-Audio dialogues aren’t spatialized properly

With that said, we wish those in the US a Happy Independence day! And for everyone else, Happy Wednesday! More fixes coming, more content coming a little later. Good things always coming. ;)

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