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Honokaa is a shaman with great powers who plays the role of the Shaman in the party!Despite her innate magical abilities that allow her to control all elements with great ease, Honokaa is also a great bare-knuckle fighter thanks to her years of training in ancient Pluvian fighting techniques. Her spells are powerful and cause damage to her enemies beyond just physical pain.

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Honokaa is a 41-year-old Pluvian and she is born in a small Pluvian clan in Rovonero, the main Pluvian village on the outer continent. Already since her first years of life people could see she has better skills than other children of her age, she has a great magic ability and a better control of the water than other children her age, and more. The magical power flowing through her body is absolutely superior to that of any other Pluvian creature in Rovonero, even more powerful than that of some old sages.


When they discover thta Honokaa has visions of the future she is protected and trained to be wise and good that is to become the Head of the Pluvian clan. She grows up between studies, controlling her magic and love, her key role was to be routed to the clan's most important roles. She immediately understood her role within the Pluvian clan, and she put her all into becoming what she was destined to become. When during the war between the Kingdom of Nox and Snow Kingdom, Honokaa had a vision of the future, a catastrophic one because of the Tenebris, she also foresaw that a girl would save the world. When she said this to the clan, she prepared herself to travel and find the girl to lead her to the fulfilment of her destiny.


The task entrusted to Honokaa was of unique importance, and even though she tried to convince the clan to leave alone, she finally decided to accept being followed by a bodyguard, a young Pluvian. The clan put a young Pluvian warrior to protect her, who is considered the spiritual heir of Zeemo, that is Hilo, Honokaa's personal guard for several years.


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