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The homebrew Apocalypse Complete Collection - YOU WANT IT!

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As some may noticed the latest .535 patch was kinda broken. We excuse this and provide you a better version enhanced by "Hanov" a member of the relic-community, to help us devs out while we're on the holidays. This patched Complete Collection obviously fixes some minor bugs and glitches which occasionally made the mod unplayable in .535 . But now you can enjoy the Apocalypse again by downloading these file:




WARNING: THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE TYRANID MOD AND DAEMONHUNTERS!!! If you want to have them on-top then you have to download them seperately.

For all more possible info you also might want to visit our main site here


For the lazy ones i repost them in here to make things more easy to access all from one spot:


Inquisition: Daemonhunters


All need to be installed into the main soulstorm directory where also the apocalypse folder is located (soulstorm.exe is there aswell) DO NOT install it outside the soulstorm directory to somewhere else. It may not function then at all and cause you te repath the entire thing manually which will make you unhappy!

In order to access them in-game you have to chose the XP2 AKA. Ultimate Apocalypse: New Races. Else you'll only play the standart "vanilla" version of the mod with no extra races.

XP1 AKA. Total Destruction Removes then ALL build limits within the standart version while...

XXP1 AKA. Total Destruction: New Races Does the same for for the Tyranids and Daemonhunters WARNING: SERIOUS DESTRUCTION ASSURED!

I hope that this helped all the Apocalypse Fans out there to enjoy the Mod in it's full glory by reducing the logistics getting the mod into ONE site/source.

And from Cylarne with love,

Cylarne wrote: Dear fans all over the place, I am baaaaccckkkkk! Mwa ha ha ha ha! Well I mean for two days, then I gotta go back to college and finish x, y, and z, and crap, but I'll be back PERMANENTLY after that!

I was gone for a month at college leaving my base computer behind along with history of stuff and awesome such. I was popping in a couple times recently on lesser busy days, but I didn't do much as of those times like knowing what was going on. For more information, please read my big speech! You can find it on the first post of the BASEMENT OF THE APOCALYPSE MODS (aka our main homepage forum), 1st post, click the link where it says, "Lastly click here."

Now some of you were wondering, where is Cylarne? Oh no, no more updates! Where are the devs.? Please read my big speech. :) I do apologize for not reading any of your comments and not paying attention to recent events from 8/22 til now (9/19/11), but I was not here. And no, this does not mean you are ignored today! Please give me the full two days to get myself caught up and reply to all comments that need commenting as necessary.

As for the 1.62.535 patch, shit! I feel soooooooo bad right now, ha ha, sorry folks, it'll get updated at top priority!

-The Apocalypse Mod Team wishes you the best and we'll be BACK!!!-

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