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Our hard working developer-elves have wrapped up a new release as an early christmas present to our fans. We have focused on two main areas in this version: improving the stability and polish of our existing mods, and laying the foundations for several big new features that will appear in future releases.

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In the last three months we have merged 769 commits by 14 authors into our Github project.
We do all of our development in the open, so anybody can get involved!

You can find us on our IRC channel (webchat) or using your favorite social media platform:

Some important improvements over our last September release are:

  • We now support Lua scripting in maps for creating missions and custom minigames.
  • Our Red Alert mod now includes the M.A.D tank, production acceleration (multiple factories improve the production rate), and the heavily requested base-size limit from our TD mod.
  • Our Tiberian Dawn mod (renamed from C&C) has overhauled support powers and weapon effects.
  • Our Dune 2000 mod now uses the original artwork for shroud and spice.
  • Menu UI improvements include password-protected servers and a new unified settings menu.
  • A lot more bug, polish, and performance fixes. Thanks to everyone who reported problems!

The christmas stocking full changelog is stuffed with goodies, so be sure to check it out if you’re interested in seeing all the changes, or have a mod or map that you’d like to upgrade.


The first two allied missions have been recreated using Lua in our RA mod.

TD Combat

The A10 aircraft in our TD mod now strafe their target with their vulcan cannon before releasing fire-bombs.

D2K Battle

Our D2K mod is looking better than ever, now using the proper shroud and spice artwork.

Modding Support

Our modding tools have received several improvements.
Shown here is a sneak-peek from our work in progress Tiberian Sun mod.

NoSoldier - - 421 comments

wuza, recreation of original campaigns!

Is it actually possible to include cutscenes at the end or start of a mission?

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Templarfreak - - 6,722 comments

Lets hope they'll implement that! =)

I say convert all those nasty, large VQAs to a smaller, more widely-used Format. ;o

And maybe support to stream movies if a modder wants their movies to do so, or if people don't want to download them in one sitting?

Edit: I don't really have much, if any, coding experience...So I can't really help with that Isometric system...Sorry.

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pchote - - 35 comments

Cutscenes are supported, and already used if they are installed.

They are pretty huge, so we don't offer a download - you need to install from CD to get them.

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Milanium Author
Milanium - - 453 comments

Try Media.PlayMovieFullscreen("filename.vqa") in map.lua files.

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Guest - - 692,142 comments

Still waiting for Tiberian Sun mod.

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LuLz4Life - - 12 comments

if you are able to find it, there is a thing called C&C:The First Decade. It has all the C&C games up to generals. About 20.00$ for 6 game and all the expantions

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LuLz4Life - - 12 comments

Sorry i forgot the s at the end of games

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