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The recent news about the collector and it's development.

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First of all, sorry about the extreme lack of updates! I've been really busy, however, I did not let the page die
since I just answered all of your comment. The reason behind, why I haven't created updates
is that I'm really short on time and it actually takes some time to write these updates,
and I really don't have much new to show off.

The bad news

The collector haven't moved much since I talked to you the last time. And that was a long time ago.
Sadly, my school have taken most my time. The Collector has not been touched for something like 6 months.
But don't worry yet, there are good news!

The good news

The fact that the Collector has not been touched in a long time, doesn't mean that it has frozen. Since last
update, some things have happened. One of those things, was/is the mapper Riman, who joined the team and
have created a wonderfull map, that is 100% playable, but not completely done. That is great news, as before
I only worked with Danyal, who didn't have much time to map.
TLDR: This mean that The Collector has 2 maps in total, that are in a playable state.

So, some map progress, so what?

Since I don't talk to the mappers that much anymore, the game has been standing still. This is terrible for me,
but there is not much I can do, as I'm really short of time. The communication between the mappers
slowly died out, making the maps not develop any further. But this made me think.

The game is in a very playable state, with the two maps it has. So, since I don't have much time to work on
it, I thought about just release the content I have, for you guys too see. Surely, it will be a bit buggy and not
polished at all, but the gamemechanics works making the two maps playable. This doesn't mean that I will not
continue to develop on it, I just don't have the pressure from you guys no more. And yes, I know this will die out
super fast, because of lack of players, some of you still wanted to see, what we have gotten so far.
And why not give it to you then, instead of it is a waste of potential that I don't actively work on.
Hopefully this could attract some people,
to help me polish it even further - mapping, moddeling, everything wise.

But I still need your opinion about if releasing is the best idea.

Soo, what do you think guys?

If you have read so far as here, I really appreciate it.

Oh, and btw, what would you guys think of a name-change to "The Harvester"?


Not bad of an idea to have that change...

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Release it beta even with two or three maps, so we can test it and give our opinions in what should or shouldn't be there

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ferdyfist Author

Yeah, it would probably be alpha. The sad thing is though, that there aren't much to show, gameplay wise. There are like two traps, that has placeholders models and a lot of stuff need balancing as well, such as walkspeeds.

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"The Harvester" sounds way better (well, at least for me)
Also, i'm always a fan of early released stuff so players can have a better notion of the current state of the game development. I say: "Release the alpha!"

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