The Collector's job is to kill all the players on the other team. There can only be one Collector.
With your night eye, spot the hiding Victims. Kill them, lure them..
And what about the police? Don't forget the gun they are equipped with.
Play wise. - The Collector can place traps, into which he must lure the Victims.
Catching up. - The Victims run a little faster than the Collector. Choose your strategy. Lure them? - Kill them.
Sneak? - The Collector has a special ability to turn almost invisible when he is sneaking.

The Victims:

The Victims' job is to do whatever that is necessary to survive, hide, run.
Wait for the police to arrive! - The police arrives after a specific time limit. Can you stay alive?
Flashlight is a must! But what do you do when you're out of battery power?
Step on it! - The Victims must be aware for traps.
And what will you do when you're sitting in the corner and suddenly footsteps approach?

The Police:

The police's job is to get rid of The Collector, to save as many victims as possible. But beware.
Who said The Collector only kills victims?
Equipped with a 9mm and a flashlight, you got to stop him.
Rush or not, it's your choice. Just stay alive.

This is The Collector: Source!

If you want to join the team, as either a mapper, modeller or texture artist, please say so!
I could really use some to create some models, both environment and character models!
As the alpha release is close, just someone to create some traps would be awesome. Thank you.

Leave me a comment!

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Hello again!

Hello again people!
The Collector/Harvester is really coming along nicely. As I wanted to release, I had to finish up a few things
first and while I did that, I was on a row, reviving my motivation and dedication! This means that the mod
has more features than ever, as I've been coding a lot !

Speaking of features!

Since it is going so well, I would really like to hear your ideas on what could make The Collector/Harvester
Right now The Collector/Harvester has these features.

  • A fully working gameplay system, based on rounds with random Collector/Harvester chosen each round.
  • A police aspect, of where after a server-specific timer, a dead victim will respawn as a police officer.
  • Dynamic "Scared" system that adds a panic factor to the Victims when The Collector/Harvester is coming.
  • Only 3 traps, all re-placeable with each of their own advantages.
  • A dynamic spawning system, that spawns a crowbar randomly, that can be used to break free from traps.
  • A balanced factor, that makes the Collector/Harvester slower than the Victims.
  • And loads of other features!

This is where you come into the picture!

As I would really like to have more features, I would love to get some new ideas from you guys!
Simply put in a comment or upvote an existing idea or a suggestion and I would love to take it in to consideration.
Especially about what traps the Collector/Harvester should have, as I have run a bit dry!

So that's it guys!

I hope you are preparing yourselves to try out the mod for yourselves!
Ps. Even if you don't have an idea, I would love to hear from you, it just confirms
that there are people that are actually interested in this mod! (which is a big motivating factor for me)

And oh, if you want to help me develop this, please PM me! I could really use some new content!

I hope to hear from y'all
- NF

Hey guys

Hey guys

News 4 comments

The recent news about the collector and it's development.

Back from the dead!

Back from the dead!

News 1 comment

This article is about The Collector and how it is back in development.

Big changes!

Big changes!

News 7 comments

Read about some of the last big changes for The Collector: Source!

An update!

An update!


A new update including all the new content the team has made so far.

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Guest - - 687,512 comments

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csabahun182 - - 21 comments

mfw 5 years passed

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Alpha250 - - 47 comments

Is it dead?

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fox12367 - - 12 comments

One day I will see this released, but today is not that day

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SilverfusionLT - - 27 comments

Ayy, what's up.

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Hubbles - - 68 comments

You guys are still alive and kicking yes? Would be a damn shame to drop it now.

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ferdyfist Creator
ferdyfist - - 529 comments

Haha, I'm still here sure!
- And the Collector is still here!

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Guest - - 687,512 comments

Admit the friend is dead carry the collector since 2012 bringing false illusions Admit than once as bone had plenty of time to finish it ok I admit you have better things to do but what God 3 years 5 years need more ? I recommend Nose finally leave this job to someone else to a group of designers friend because if we are not so five years more waiting for the release of this game with potential

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ferdyfist Creator
ferdyfist - - 529 comments

I have no idea what you are talking about, this stuff won't take that long, I will though admit I got delayed a bit, also because of my release of REBELUTION.

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csabahun182 - - 21 comments

Oh i see, you doing the work from like 2012. Ayy lmao

Well keep up the work

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