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Here I am, once again. But this time I want to make some things clear and to give you bad news.

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Hey, everyone! Just dropping by to say that we have contacted a few members of the Revival team and they're helping us. But nonetheless, we still need (a lot of) help. We only have testers and writers, meaning we need coders, 3D artists, and mappers. To sum up, we have a big creative team and very few people to actually develop anything. To make it clear: we have one coder and me. I am learning and can't do much, so please be patient.

Now, the news is few, but already represent progress!

1. A few bugs have been fixed:

Launching (perception) errors - couldn't locate;

AI - not quite fixed, but the custom AI folder is what is causing the problem, so you can just delete it or wait for a new release;

Description errors - fix missing texts and general errors;

Klingon UI appearing for every faction - now, this one is not a fix at all. The mod has several huds:


But no in-game way to change it, meaning you have to change manually (go to Star Wars Empire at War\corruption\Mods\trek_wars\Data\Art\Textures, choose a folder (one of the above) and copy all the content inside to the Textures folder). You've done it!

2. A new Steam release! Possibly...

I know most of you viewing this article probably don't play through Steam, but we will be releasing a completely public release very soon if we can fix a few more bugs. I'll be releasing a new release for testing this weekend and, hopefully, soon after an official release. If everything goes normally, a new release will also be out here on ModDB too!

That's what I have for today...

General_Green - - 168 comments

Good to hear you guys are still around, can't wait to do a galactic conquest with working AI, can't wait to do the Empire Vs Star Trek thing.

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Tavyk Author
Tavyk - - 156 comments

Again, there is a small "fix" for the AI, but eventually we will develop a custom AI.

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