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(In Justin Timberlake voice) It's gonna be May. Happy May, everyone. WCCC is out for the month, however that does not mean there has been no progress. Take a look at what we did this month!

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Brenden here! For another monthly update to let you all know that we have not ended up like 80 percent of this game's mod development statuses. Had an effective month. Take a look:

On WCCC's end:

- Cleaned up weapon state code to eliminate some redundancies

- Fixed slight issues with some weapon states, although only on a minor scale

- Attempted fix on ammos rarely breaking ammo cap. Better, but not perfect still.

- Modified replication of tracers slightly, in an attempt to fix double tracers on instant hit guns. Still remains to be fully resolved.

On Brenden's end:

- Started and almost finished with a new weapon, called the Gust Bow. Pretty rad concept of a weapon and puts into perspective the flexibility of the mod's crafting system.

- Did a lot more debugging and fixing of the main Hatchet player model. Making the movements look more human-like. Relating to this, I also added a climbing animation for ladders and such. I plan on adding more additional animations for things such as foreign object usage and carrying decorations.

- Introducing the full-fledged feature of the player being able to use almost ANY decoration as a foreign object weapon.... even decorations from the vanilla Deus Ex or any mod with their own! This system will show in first person the player's hands animating and holding the decoration without any additional models or animations imported for it. The system uses a precise manipulation of Pawn's weapon triangle/mesh replacement overlay. Soon this very same system will be used to create a full weapon custonization ability, including custom looks of the gun body, butt, scope, and even the grip.

A small-looking list of progress this month, but don't be fooled. We are making great headway and opening doors to more possibilities on making the mod great and almost its own game.

Take care, and be on the look out for more updates before the next monthly!

Take care,


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