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Hash Rush, the online RTS game is now live on Indiegogo. Check this article out to get information about the game, instructions on how to play, and how to take part in our crowdfunding! Make sure to share the news with everyone you know!

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Join us at Indiegogo

The small indie team working on Hash Rush has been hard at work preparing a crowdfunding campaign to help see us through to the game's launch. We are now proud to announce that we successfully launched on Indiegogo.

Don't miss out and check us out now as we are offering a variety of items as perks for backing us. These range from digital items to physical items, and we are even allowing some tiers to design their own in-game units, buildings and instances.


If you are interested in our crowdfunding campaign, you will probably be also interested in learning a bit more about Hash Rush and what it is.

Before we start, we want to make it clear that anyone can already play the Hash Rush alpha.

In order to get access, first register an account here. Once you've registered make sure to check your email inbox for a verification mail from us, and verify your email address. After verifying your account, head back to our website, log in, then navigate to the profile page (link is on the top right), the alpha installer will be located there.

If you need any further help, you can always contact our support and ask them for assistance.

Now that we're done with the housekeeping, let's dive right into learning what Hash Rush is all about!

What is Hash Rush

Hash Rush is an online PvE focused real-time strategy (RTS) game for PC and is set in our fictional Hermeian galaxy.

Players start on their own planetoid and are tasked with building and defending a mining colony in that will extract the Crystals that lie buried deep in the crust of the planet.

The buildings in Hash Rush

However, players will need to be on guard as these Crystals have an alien origin and are sentient. They arrived on the many planets in the Hermian galaxy during the great Crystal Storm and are gradually corrupting their host's environment, spawning creatures with hideous mutations - which is why you need to remove them. As you remove the Crystals and set up your base, the Crystals within the planet will notice your presence and will react to you, expect to encounter raiding parties, hordes of enemies, and ultimately the boss known as the Crystal Titan.

The first race that our players can play as are called the Ernacks. The video below is our introduction cinematic for the Ernack race that teaches you about the history of the Ernacks and what the great Crystal Storm was.

Player to Player Interactions and future PvP

Even though we are designing Hash Rush as a PvE focused game, player to player interactions will be vital. This will primarily happen through our marketplace that we are designing as a peer to peer trading centre.

A core feature of our game is that all items are stored as cards and can be traded, both inside the game, and out. This is made possible as we are using blockchain to power our item and currency system, more on how this works can be found in our RUSH Network article.

While it is just an early iteration, we have just added the very first marketplace functionality to our alpha, so make sure to check it out when you play the game!

The second player interaction method is via our Bounty Challenge. The Crystals that the player extracts from the planet's crust then also used in our monthly Bounty Challenge. Every month we set a challenge to see how many Crystals each player can gather, the amount of Crystals that a player gathers will then determine the player's highscore position. At the end of every Bounty Challenge, we will then send special prizes to the player based on their highscore position.


We do recognise that PvP is a popular feature and many in our community have already expressed an interest in seeing it in Hash Rush; so for the future, we are planning to have an optional PvP mode. One design that we are considering is to have a separate world (or instance) that a player may travel to in order to fight against other players. In these PvP areas, the player will have to conquer and hold strategic points for a set amount of time; all this while other players do their best to defeat them.

Please note that the final PvP mode in Hash Rush may be very different to this description, and will come much later on in the game's development cycle.

How do I learn more about Hash Rush?

Now that you’re interested there are many ways for you to stay up to date with all the latest Hash Rush news!


The easiest way to learn more about Hash Rush is to follow us over here on IndieDB. Even though we are new here, we really like this platform and are planning a long stay.

Otherwise, keep an eye out on our home page where we host our official blog and post all of our news. You may also want to join our chat communities over on Discord and on Telegram, or follow us on our social media channels on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

And of course, our Indiegogo page will be kept up to date with everything Hash Rush-related as well.


This game looks pretty interesting, I've signed up to play and will give it a try!

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tenzinchiodak231 Author

That's great to hear, we hope you enjoy Hash Rush!

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