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Happy October! Here's some non-spooky content for the spooky month.

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Happy October everyone! Once again I wanna thank you all for your continued support of Transposed, it's really inspired me to keep working on this project. The Goldsrc community has a great number of creative and supportive people and I can't wait to release this project for everyone to see.

Progress is going well, right now all the levels are planned out with several in a playable, completable state. So far the hub-based system is working perfectly, allowing players to complete levels in an order of their choosing, which should hopefully allow for some unique playthroughs. There are roughly 15 maps total in development, but this number may change especially if larger sections need to be divided in half across two maps. This includes the cutscene levels, hub levels and the 8 main "puzzle" levels (like the coolant plant). 5 of these maps are in a playable state, 3 are blocked out and 7 are designed on paper. I'm holding off releasing an actual list of these levels until later in development, just in case any of these levels need to be changed or cut.

Right now it's still TBA on a release date for this project, I'm not ready to set a specific date for when it will be ready but I'm hopeful to at least get to a playable beta next year for play testing. The main goal right now is to get all the levels completed and connect them all to the beginning and end of the game, then focus on additional content like custom models and other details. As of time of writing I'm coming to the end of year at art school so I'm currently focused on completing art work for an end of year show while developing Transposed in my downtime.

I'll try and have another update for October 31st with new content. For now, here's some tease screenshots of new areas!


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Dhanus - - 124 comments

That's some nice map. Good work.

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Sirdownloadsalot Author
Sirdownloadsalot - - 21 comments

Thank you!

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Aynekko - - 666 comments

Looking good!

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Sirdownloadsalot Author
Sirdownloadsalot - - 21 comments

Cheers! :)

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