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Laniakea - Retro "16-bit" metroidvania platformer. Since Laniakea is now about 1 year in development (happy birthday) I want to give you a quick overview since the last update/news here.

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Hi all,

First of all: Since the last play- & downloadable demoversion of the game is/was about over 6 month old I decided to remove it completely. I do not want to spoiler too much of the game in an early/buggy version anymore. I will put a REAL demo (verticle slice) back online, when the game reaches proper quality stages and is heading for a final full release. But this will take some months to go. For so long, I will give you some little sneek peek screenshots or informations about once a month of the work going on, so you can see what the game is heading to.

To communicate with people more directly who are interested in helping developing and testing the game I started a Discord Server/Channel under: ...feel free to join ;-)

For its "birthday" here are 2 nice artwork wallpapers in 1920x1080 for you Desktop

Wallpaper 1:

Laniakea - Wallpaper 1

Wallpaper 2:

Laniakea - Wallpaper 2

The old playable demo-/alphaversion contained about 60 Rooms you could discover. In the last months I could raise these number up to now 170 Rooms and so the complete Map design is about 80% finished. Still a lot of details are missing but it is nice to see that the world is becoming bigger and bigger.

Here are some new screenshots:





Btw: This week I started implementing the "Skill Stations" where LANI can optain new Skills.
Using these machines will conceptual look:

Skill Stations

That is all for now. See you on...



Some_other_guy - - 182 comments

how logn would the finished game is planed to be

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grillstern Author
grillstern - - 1 comments

You mean the game time? The old predemo with 60 rooms and 1 bossfight took about 40 minutes of pure speedrunning without taking extra item or finding any secret. Going the straight way. The full game will have about 200 rooms and about 6-7 Boss fights. So its really hard to say what it will take in the end. So it depends if you play 100% or just speedrunning it.

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