"16-Bit Metroidvania Style-Platformer"

LANIAKEA plays in the planetary system Trappist-1, 40 LY away from Earth, where mankind tries to settle down on new found exoplanets after the big extinction on earth in 2090. They raised up the "Gillion Space Colony" 3 years ago on Trappist-1G to do biological researches.

Here, you are the 19 years old girl LANI ALMACH which is working for the USSA (UnitedSpaceSurvivalAgency) as a space-courier to transport goods, spareparts & drugs between the agencies colonies. On board on her ship, she travels with her cats PAUL and ROMY, so she isn't alone when flying through space for long time.

It was the 7th of march when LANI received a message from the USSA headquarter that they have lost contact to GSC about 3 months ago. Since she is the nearst ship available to the outpost, her order is to check what went wrong on Trappist-1G.


You can follow the DevBlog here: Grillstern.gamejolt.io

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today I just want to give you a first video gameplay impression of what LANIAKEA is heading to :-):

Alpha-Gameplay video of the first minutes as of the latest version (don't watch if you don't want to get spoilered):

VIDEO: Alpha-Gameplay

VIDEO: First Boss alphatest

Note: As always, since its alpha, content & mechanics may change in future updates.

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Happy birthday Laniakea

Happy birthday Laniakea

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Laniakea - Retro "16-bit" metroidvania platformer. Since Laniakea is now about 1 year in development (happy birthday) I want to give you a quick overview...

Laniakea Update 0.2.1

Laniakea Update 0.2.1


Laniakea Techdemo - Retro "16-bit" metroidvania platformer gets a new Update to V0.2.1. Here are the Patchnotes from last Update V0.1.7 to V0.2.1.

Laniakea Update 0.1.7

Laniakea Update 0.1.7

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Laniakea Techdemo - Retro "16-bit" metroidvania platformer Monthly summary Patchnotes from V0.1.0 to V0.1.7 Many added core mechanics (Save-/Loadingsystem...

Welcome to LANIAKEA (DevBlog & TechDemo)

Welcome to LANIAKEA (DevBlog & TechDemo)

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Laniakea a "16-bit-metroidvania-style" platformer.

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I totally understand the designing tilesets on your own and it taking forever. It so much easier to have a dedicated person design some graphics because I do not have the patience for it. Interesting switch from sprite to skeleton animation. It is definitely easier to animate skeletons but do you think it takes from the 16 bit style? Looking forward to your demo.

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