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Daily life doesn't allow me to concentrate on writing about the project too much. So, using a bit of free time, here's 6 months' worth of news.

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Hi there! I haven't written for a long time, but the project is going forward rather briskly, considering how little free time I have and other everyday matters. So, without further ado, here's an overview of what's going on.

1. All the basic technical stuff is done and now it's basically about filling the game with content, which is nice. There are 10 maps, 1 is pracitcally 100% done, 2 is playable from start to finish and 85% done, 3 is also playable to completion and 60% done. 4 is about the same. The later ones are not that advanced.

2. The game will also have some dramatic in-engine cutscenes where I try to do stuff I've never done in this engine before.

He Came From Beyond

3. The sounds by Beni Harper, who is a professional and joined me out of passion that we share for the entire idea, will be just fantastic. Here's a taste.

4. I want to compile the demo as soon as we have all the sounds for map 1, and we basically do have them, but Beni is tweaking them to ensure they sound great on any setup. Since we are doing this after work, after family life etc., it's time-consuming.

5. I intend to introduce the game to Steam, but I feel it's too early. Everyone's gonna forget about it and be annoyed why it's taking so long by the time it's ready for release.

6. Yeah, the full thing won't release anytime soon. It's gonna take years, I realize that, but if that's the one game I'll make in my life, I want to make it properly. Besides, I find it very relaxing to work on it, so I consider this my hobby. No rush, no deadlines. If you stick with me patiently, thank you. If you don't because it's taking too long, I understand completely.

7. Eyeballs!


8. I'm trying to think out of the box and use GZDoom in all the ways it allows me, so I thought: why not be able to inspect objects from up close and interact with them in some kind of puzzly way?



9. I made grass very grassy, I hope you like it.

HCFB grass

10. Maybe I got too ambitious for my own good, but I find GZDoom simply AMAZING and the things it allows me to do are incredible. I'm discovering them as I go, and I guess it's kinda like what doomed Duke Nukem Forever. But contrary to that game, I don't want to rebuild anything, just add a bit more. Anyway, there is an end of this journey and it's very much reachable.

If I don't post anything for months, it's not because I gave up. Nope, I put too much of my life to quit. Besides, I like where this is going. It's very likely that the game will suck, but at least I will be able to say that I did my best.

Thanks for reading, and see you next time! Also, catch me on Twitter or Facebook.

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Szuran Author
Szuran - - 78 comments

Thank you!

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Gorth84 - - 21 comments

Whenever it is ready and released on steam, update us here so we can buy it :-) It does look unique and that lot of heart and soul has been put into it.

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Szuran Author
Szuran - - 78 comments

I will do it once it's ready.:) Thank you

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fresco - - 142 comments

Wonderful work as always :) Would love to see it on Steam.

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Szuran Author
Szuran - - 78 comments

I'll do my best to make it happen:)

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skullkan6 - - 334 comments

Hope you are still going dude! was great to talk to you on Facebook.

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