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I just released a brand new and improved combat system for HammerHelm!

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One of the biggest pieces of feedback I've gotten since launching HammerHelm is that the combat wasn't as good as it could be. That's saying it nicely, truth is, combat was very much a weak spot for the game.

So for the past few weeks I've been working with the community to improve it and wound up overhauling the entire thing front to back. The new system is far more responsive, more reliable, and just way more fun (I hope!)

Blocking and dodging are a bigger part of the system as is positioning and scoring consecutive unlocks a devastating power attack. In the future I plan on adding more power attacks depending on what kind of weapon you have equipped.

In the video, in the first fight I manage to kill both Goblins without taking a hit. In the second, I get a little too aggressive and get hit twice while trying to get one more attack in before the monster's attack. You'll note that just because you unlock a power attack doesn't mean you HAVE to use it right away. If a monster is about to attack, you can block it's attack, and then counter with the power attack. So timing matters a lot more than it did in the previous system.



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