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Fresh news about Deluge's development on the spookiest day of the year covering changes to player abilities, weapons, enemies, levels and more.

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Much work has been done refining and overhauling aspects spanning across the entirety of Deluge thus far. The product is now a fully playable experience of 3-4 hours in length, spanning seven levels and featuring much stronger integration of gameplay mechanics in the environment design.

Since the last update, the Deluge team has amassed three new members: Boondorl (coder), Stat1K (model artist) and the infamous Jasper Carmack whose time in game dev spans many years (texture and audio artist). While we tend to be picky with new team members, we are currently looking for a second level designer - preferably with experience using UDMF GZDoom features and capable of thinking outside the usual Doom level design conventions.

Gameplay Updates:

  • Added a passive object grabbing system allowing props within a certain weight limit to be picked up and thrown or dropped similar to Deus Ex.
  • Rebalanced the player's magic system and increased feedback to the player.
  • Implemented a fire spreading system best displayed by the upgraded Flaregun functions.
  • Changed the Shotgun to a Shrapnel Launcher.
  • Completely overhauled the Railgun (now known as the Negative Matter Exterminator or N.M.E.) to feature an entirely new four-stage primary fire.
  • Improved velocity and physics simulations of props and projectile attacks.
  • Enhanced swimming by simulating breaststroke movement while underwater, plus adding an Olympic-style wall launch ability.
  • Rewritten large swaths of monster AI for more consistent behavior and greater mobility.

Content Updates:

  • New full art passes for all seven current levels.
  • Replaced several prop sprites with 3D models, with more on the way.
  • Replaced some more ambient sounds and textures.
  • Added distinguishing features to monster subtypes (height, colouration, etc).
  • Added pointlights to several environmental effects and items for better visibility.

The new fire spreading system causing havoc among Swarmers.

A mob of Swarmers and Rioters don't take too kindly to interlopers.

The Negative Matter Exterminator's alternate fire in action

Swarmers will pursue the player everywhere, even up waterfalls


don't know if i'll play it,
but you certainly know how to create an atmosphere.

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looks very awesome! 😺

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This looks really good!
I just hope the enemies based on Doom monsters are just placeholders because they are too obviously Doom and it kinda break the style that the other assets have.

Keep it up! ^^

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