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Let's check out,what this mod already has,and will have in future:)

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New and old forgotten features comes up here!

Graphical Improvement: Dynamic Muzzleflashes (Light Up World), Sparks from walls,Shake Screen When Player Hit;

Weapon Updates: RPG slows Player,Gluon Gun slows Player,Crowbar HL2 Speed,Desert Eagle,Knife With STAB Attack,Explosive Crossbow Bolts,Glock 18 Clip,Multiplayer Gauss Style (LET'S FLY IN SINGLEPLAYER);

Enemies/Allies updates: Bullsquid Alpha Spit,Snark Live Timer (Set up your own timer for how long does this cute creature will live), Pit Drone,Zombie Barney,Zombie Soldier,Panther Eye,All H.E.C.U Has Opposing Force Models;

Support: Blue Shift Support;

New Options: Field Of View,Difficulty Level,Amount Of Human Gibs,Amount Of Alien Gibs,Scope For Python,Changeable HUD color;

H.E.V Indicates About: Shock|Blast Damage, Weapon Pickup;

Fixes: Monster Turning At High FPS;

Minor Features: Changeable Hands and Player Model (Between - Barney,Gordon,Shephard), Additional Weapon Pickup Sounds;

Everything can be changed in main menu (Options/Advanced);





Q- Will this mod have compatibility with Opposing Force,Blue Shift,Decay?

A- Can't say exact answer about Opposing Force and Decay,But Blue Shift YES!

Q- Will there be new weapons

A- Yes,Of course

Q- New enemies? Please!



For now mod has not so big amount of features,however if you want to play some cool mod which adds something to original game, I suggest you to play:

Half-Life New Light

Brutal Half-Life

Half-Life MMod


Will it be possible to have an option for the MP5 to already have 50 rounds in a clip when picked up?

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Rainbow Dashy Author
Rainbow Dashy

Yeah,Good idea) Will be included in 0.2

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so what new enemies the expansion enemies?

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Rainbow Dashy Author
Rainbow Dashy

Not only the expansion enemies,probably i'll add some custom (which fit HL universe,and also alpha/beta ones)

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so basically Mr friendly, kingpin, Floater, and Hassault (only to name a few famous ones)

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Rainbow Dashy Author
Rainbow Dashy

If i am able to code them - Yes

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