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A new zone brings new enemies, new enemy mechanics, new strategies, and the new mission menu to Gunlocked in Early Access version 0.30

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Sectors and Stingers Update

This is the largest content update to date! So large in fact, that I had to split off some planned features for a smaller patch later in the week. I got a little carried away with new enemies and enemy mechanics.

Here's a quick rundown of what's coming with the next patch:

  • An updated synergy bar with more info and clarity
  • 720p windowed mode option (for something between the base window and fullscreen)
  • Alternate ship colors
  • Better damage feedback for the player ship and a low shields alert
  • Updated Queen behavior, balance, and art

As for the rest of June, expect tons of new unlockables and upgrades:

  • New weapons and utilities
  • New Symbionic upgrade type and mechanics
  • New persistent augments to unlock and equip
  • New pilots
  • Some reimagined and rebalanced upgrades
  • New achievements

Now onto THIS patch!:

GL 2022 v030 StingKing


Note: The new level is currently in beta, and everything from balance, to art, to sound and music will improve over the coming weeks.

  • A new level has been added: The Rachni Belt
  • New Boss: The Sting King
  • New Sub Boss: The Princer
  • 7 new standard enemies
  • 3 new backgrounds unique to the Rachni Belt
  • 1 new music track
  • 1 new achievement: King Me: Defeat 9 Hive Queen ships across all games. (unlocks the Rachni Belt).
    Note: If you've already done this, the achievement will immediately be unlocked for you. The game was already saving how many times you defeated the Hive Queen boss.
  • Separate high score for the new zone

GL Backgrounds Rachni 360p


  • The Mission Menu has been added. Currently it is used for selecting your pilot and level. More features will be added throughout Early Access.
  • Note: Your most recent selections are saved so it's easier to jump into the action if you want to start another run with the same setup again.

GL Screenshot 030 002 360p

GL Screenshot 030 001 360p


  • Upgrade Beacons now show up at 3/6/9/12 minutes up from 4/8/12
  • The action now ramps up a bit faster over the first minute in the Apoid Sector.
  • A new system has been put in place to prevent unnecessary luls in the action. For players that manage to put together powerful screen clearing builds, this means an opportunity for much higher scores, but it shouldn't punish struggling players.
    Note: I'll likely be tweaking this system over time. Let me know if you feel the game has gotten harder because of this. Keep in mind that powerful new upgrade types and unlockables will ease the difficulty over the next couple of weeks.
  • Asteroids are now already on the battlefield at the start of a game.
  • Enemies (specifically bosses) will now cleanse debuffs (such as raypalm's fire damage) when they become immune.
  • Artemis no longer has extra movement speed.
    Note: I thought it might be interesting to build in the speed of her old augment "Afterburner" to her kit, but it currently serves little purpose and even makes switching between pilots a bit awkward. There will be a move speed based augment players can equip in the future that will be much more useful.

Quality of Life

  • Added a new gem denomination worth 5 gems. Neither drop odds nor amounts have been changed, but these will drop instead of every 5 standard gems to significantly reduce gem clutter (especially late game).
  • Ship Acceleration (in the options menu) now eases you between directions slightly. Previously if switching directions rapidly, the ship would remain at full speed. A minor tweak that you may not even notice.
  • Light Rail and Spotting Scope got a code update that should make them feel a bit more consistent and responsive. If you've played a ton you might notice this, but it's not likely to make a large noticeable difference.
    Note: One change that is noticeable is that Light Rail and Spotting Scope will no longer attempt to target invulnerable enemies (like bosses can be).
    You can now press "esc" in addition to "c" to cancel out of menu selections
  • Gunlocked now defaults to full screen the first time you launch after this patch


  • Enemies will no longer randomly spawn loot during a boss fight
  • If kinetoshield reaches full charge at exactly the same moment you're flashing from damage, it should no longer become stuck on
  • Fixed a bug that could cause spotting scope to lose a target when another spotting scope target is destroyed (if you have radar array equipped)
  • Gunlock will no longer reset its positions when returning from a pause or upgrade menu
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent discharger from triggering when multiple enemies were destroyed at exactly the same moment (gunlock, nuke, etc.)
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