Gunlocked is an action roguelite, shoot 'em up all about becoming an overpowered, unstoppable machine of destruction. Take on wave after wave of enemy ships as you equip different weapons and upgrades each time. Face huge bosses that get more powerful as you do, and then do it all over again! The controls are simple, but the strategy and action is endless!

You only control movement, but every weapon has its own unique targeting system that you can influence.

GL V040 002 short

Features in the current build:

  • Action-roguelite gameplay
  • Rich, 2d pixel art graphics
  • 4 Unique playable pilot characters
  • 25 Powerful upgrades to equip in-game
  • 20 Persistent, unlockable upgrades to equip pre-game
  • 5 secret super upgrades to discover
  • 20 unique enemies w/ multiple variations
  • 5 powerups to collect
  • Two evolving boss that get more powerful as you do
  • Two unique zones with their own enemies and style
  • 33 Steam Achievements
  • Gamepad support
  • Every playthrough is unique
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A twin stick shooter without the twin stick, Gunlocked is a sci-fi action roguelike about careful positioning and upgrade selection. Manage unique targeting systems across multiple weapons and upgrades, as you battle legions of alien ships, and then do it all over again!

Buy it on Steam here:

GL v91 EndlessMode 008b short

After 7+ months in Early Access, Gunlocked enters full release with a 15% launch discount for just $4.24 and all of the following content:

  • Rich, 2d pixel art graphics
  • 7 unique playable pilot characters
  • 100+ upgrades to equip
  • 5 powerups
  • 30+ enemies
  • 3 evolving bosses that get more powerful as you do
  • Endless Mode
  • 20 difficulty modifiers
  • 55 Steam Achievements
  • Mouse, Keyboard, and Gamepad support
  • A full chiptune soundtrack

IDB release screen 004

IDB release screen 001

IDB release screen 003

IDB release screen 002

Questions, concerns, feedback? Reach out! I'd love to chat. You can find me at Mastodon, Twitter, and Discord.

Gunlocked Gets A Super New Patch and a Release Date

Gunlocked Gets A Super New Patch and a Release Date

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4 new "Symbionic" super upgrades, balance changes, and a physics update for force weapons round out the last patch for Gunlocked before the massive 1.0...

Gunlocked Gets Endless

Gunlocked Gets Endless


An expansive Endless mode with a brand new upgrade system brings extra replayability and wild new builds to Gunlocked.

Gunlocked Gets More Accessible

Gunlocked Gets More Accessible


Long requested features by the community, and preparatory code for next week's Endless Mode update make up the bulk of this week's content.

Gunlocked Unleashes the Storm

Gunlocked Unleashes the Storm


Gunlocked gets its most massive patch yet, including: A new zone, boss, enemies, pilots, weapons, utilities, augments, achievements, requested features...

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