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To kind of celebrate this (admittedly small) milestone, I'll show you some new WIP stuff and discuss some features.

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First off, Hooray and thanks to all of you who've shown interest in this mod. It's been a pleasure getting your reactions and feedback.

Now, I might as well show you the stuff promised in the summary:

1: maps:

User Posted Image
User Posted Image

The above are screenshots of the first major battle in City 17, where the player fights APCs, Tanks and a Hunter-Chopper, in addition to ground troops. It's designed to be punishing, so the player recieves a bunch of weapons/health beforehand and during the battle. Level design is obviously WIP.

Speaking of weapons, a system is planned where the player can only carry one weapon of each 'type' at a time; the types being Sidearm, Primary, Melee and Grenades. Some toggleable head bobbing is also already finished.

2: Tanks
Along the way you'll encounter various armored vehicles of varying types, although most are generally small. Two are shown below. (note that both are simply in fullbright and look better ingame.)

User Posted Image

The basic variant, only a HMG mounted on it. Still formidable without heavy weapons of your own though.

User Posted Image

Heavier variant. Still pretty blocky and basic, but will like the other one eventually get a smooth looking model. Fires a round of powerful rockets. It does not yet function as that will require some custom particles and so on that are yet to be made.

Sparky245 - - 172 comments

Tanks look a bit like BMPs, cool futuristic shape, even if at an early stage. Looking good so far :)

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xXMaNiAcXx - - 4,807 comments

I don't like the the textures used in the tanks but the battle in City 17 looks really impressive, good job sir, waiting for more.

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56er - - 1,253 comments


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Waddlesticks - - 145 comments

I'm sure that that is just a basic texture for them, I would believe it will end up a lot more eye friendly type stuff.

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NotaHappyCamper - - 18 comments

I think the front of the tank should be a little smaller and have a design more like the combine APC.

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TheUnabridgedGamer - - 1,671 comments

Mapping is impressive.

Models... not as much, but could be good with updating.

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Shadowbyte - - 158 comments

work on the tanks some more please like now they look bland with big flat areas but a few details can change alot

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agent00kevin - - 1,276 comments

Congrats on 100 trackers ;) Ive viewed every 100 as a milestone, and its encouraging to keep the momentum going and continue to build a fan base. Videos seem to be the best way to recruit potential consumers, included in a well written news post. Best of luck, and I continue to watch your progress!

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Coppermantis Author
Coppermantis - - 175 comments

Really? It seems no one watches my videos, at least as reported by statistics. For instance, when I posted the most recent news, Ground Zero got over 1400 views on images and the main page, but only 120 video views.But maybe you're right, and having vids in the news posts gets more attention. From what I see of your work, You have more experience in this area than I do.

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