Hey guys, I'm Australian. Love games and music. I skate and play guitar. A great guy, also enjoy partying!.
I'm also up to test your games/mods! Just hit me up with a message asking what game it is and you will most likely get a YES :D
But if its a mod there might be a 50/50% chance of a yes or a no depending if I actually have the game. Either send the message to my Moddb account or to my email address.

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Ahhkay, so not long ago I got a virus on my computer... Somebody forgot to turn the firewall back on *whistles*. But all good, but also stuck with windows 7... with just enough ram and cpu to run it so not going to be much great game playing any more. Got ebooster but that wont make much difference, might need to get gamebooster again. Oh well.

But recently ignoring my holiday homework, I've been downloading games i recently got;
S.T.A.L.K.E.R Clear Sky
Iron grip: Warlord
Garrys Mod
Counter Strike: Source

Yes I know, their old. But most old games are a lot better then most of the new, crappy games like the new C.O.D games... Seriously whats the difference between most of them apart from a different story line and a few extra features? Rather play Homefront, now thats a good game!

But I've been playing minecraft a lot again lately, pimping stuff up and all... Lost my really awesome house from the virus but i still have a spare copy of it on my mums computer luckily! But it isn't as finished... So there goes 10 odd hours of building and stuff. But if you don't have minecraft GET INTO IT!.

Also getting back into Dead Frontier, but kind off ditching it again. It's good at first but it just, gets, boring!

Oh well I'm out, this is long enough and time wasting enough how it is!

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Hey Waddlesticks (awesome name), thank you for tracking our game, Roko's Bane, we appreciate it! Let us know if you have any feedback, we will be updating the build regularly until the end of our Final Project on December 8th. Thanks again!

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