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Our very first game has been announced. Check it out!

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We are eager to announce our first game GRIM - Mystery of Wasules !

After a challenging development period we have completed GRIM – Mystery of Wasules without a budget. We tried to show people that one doesn’t need a budget to tell a story and create a game. We hope you like the results.

GRIM InGame Screenshot

About The Game

GRIM – Mystery of Wasules is a story driven, first person mystery set in Wasules. The summary of this story which is in a fantasy world can be summed like this:

“Before the war, five kingdoms ruled Dunia. After the fall of Wasules, Glimor Kingdom was no more. Our victory granted the crown of Dreaborg to my brother, commander Owen GRIM.

But news the young king received weren’t bright. According to rumors mysterious deaths had increased at conquered Wasules. The rumors were spreading, chaos was increasing amongst the people.

In order to uncover the secret behind the deaths i was assigned by the king since i was the youngest and most promising wiseman in whole Dreaborg.

I am Oswald GRIM and i shall solve the mystery of today and the past.”

GRIM InGame Screenshot

Game Architecture - Gameplay

In the GRIM - MoW, the player tries to unravel these mysterious deaths. Wasules is a grand and cultural land. It includes several accessible churches, taverns, houses, castles, dungeons and caves.
The player can observe maps, diaries, governmental records, secret archives and common books.
Our protagonist has a special ability called "Spectral State" which allows the player to see the world
differently, to keen our protagonsits senses and makes the whispers which the protagonist could hear in some instances constant. While on this state the player may see some spirits and follow them.
To connect with spiirits the player may need to find their corpses/graves or in some instances, their
personal belongings.

  • You also can find more information about the game and gameplay materials in our Design Document.

Stay tuned for more!

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tory driven, first person mystery - I like it!

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StudioBackstage Author

Thank you for your interest! Stay tuned :)

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