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Yesterday I was flipping through my saved maps, cleaning out old stuff and duplicates. As I was scrolling through the VMF's I decided to switch types of maps to search for, to Hammer Autosave files. Behold! I found an earlier copy of the map I 'lost' on the bricked hard drive. I did lose a custom blend texture, but that requires little more work to replace than typing this post. (actually, it takes less)

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So now I can resume work on the third map, and I'd have to say this has actually been a good thing for the mod. Since the hard drive death, I've revamped and added bumpmapping to several standard HL2 textures, which adds several new color schemes to existing textures.

Aside from that, the storyline will be getting some minor changes and tweaks, and this page itself will see a major revamp with some HTML coding.


Wesley - - 301 comments

Don't talk to me about HDD failure! I lost all my music last week (I might still be able to recover it). Either way, you should always backup your work files once a month really. It's good that you found an older autosave file though! Restarting an entire map would be horror and demotivating.

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Generalvivi - - 148 comments

Congrats on being Saved

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agent00kevin Author
agent00kevin - - 1,276 comments

Oh yes, it was very demotivating. It did turn out good though, because my other Mod was born out of the void, and inbetween now and then I learned a LOT about creating textures and models. Id be pretty devastated if I lost all my music, but that I did have on both HDDs. Since then, I have been sticking everything from textures to maps on a USB stick for added protection :)

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RangerC - - 1,484 comments

nice to hear that.

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