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The Deus Ex Advancement Mod Designed Primarily for Immersive Sim Enthusiasts and Deus Ex Fans.

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GMDX v6.2 Released

The Deus Ex Advancement Mod Designed Primarily for Immersive Sim Enthusiasts and Deus Ex Fans.

v6.2 Gore - Mod DB

GMDX v6.2
GMDX v6.2


- Tech goggles can see through walls (albeit with short range) at advanced and master environ skill level.
- Demolitions increases blast radius & at master level gas grenades can K.O unaugmented pawns with the initial concussion-inducing blast.


- Combat strength increases melee attack speed in addition to damage to balance out against Microfibral Muscle, and because fun.
- Speed Enhancement produces noise when crouched, therefore making silent running worth a damn.

- Restored Aggressive Defensive System's ability to detonate proximity mines for balancing reasons.
- Increased microfibral muscle throw velocity a touch.


- Implemented Rate of Fire mods.
- Weapon mods are now stackable in the inventory.
- Improved ballistic impact effects further.
- Removed custom glock as rate of fire mods made it somewhat redundant and rebalanced pistol stats.
- Reduced grenade detonation time by 1 second and increased throw range a touch.
- Pepper gun & fire extinguishers are significantly more reliable.
- Minor recoil adjustments.
- GEP gun now accepts clip size weapon mods. Fire rockets in succession, compatible with the new guidance systems too.
- Buffed tranq dart damage so that every human NPC that does not have a helmet, is not augmented or invincible can be K.O'ed with one shot to the head.
- Renamed the assault gun to the name it is given in the blueprints found in-game.


- Increased running anim speed by 5% and melee attack speed by 10% to make them look a touch more convincing.
- AI notice when cameras are beeping at you and hunt in the direction they are looking in. (hardcore mode only).
- Increased running animation rate by 5% to make them look more convincing. Melee attack by 10% (this one also makes them more threatening).
- Nerfed vanilla mib & Wib
- Many changes to barks and pain/death/K.O sounds for realism.

Effects & Audio:

- Significant improvements to gore.
- Heavy EMP damage disables the HUD. Find a way to reboot it.
- throwing objects in water makes a splash effect.
- Added new footstep sounds for when landing from height (currently wood and carpet only, more to come).
- Slowed camera spinning speed upon player death and added screen flash upon death.
- Improved rocket & explosion effects further.
- Minor modification to electricity effects.
- Improved plasma effects further.
- Increased chance of containers spawning trash, less chance to spawn rat.
- Increased number of fragments spawned by deco when taking damage.
- Increased the speed of tracers a touch.
- Significantly increased chances to gib the player from explosives. Originally you could take rockets to the face, you'd die but just flop to the floor instead of becoming mince meat.


- Significant improvements to NYC streets maps.
- Fixed crashing when hacking a terminal in NYC sewers.
- Fixed an AI issues when stealing from one of the triads.
- Distributed rate of fire mods across the game according to the approach in vanilla design.
- Added additional aesthetic detail to a small number of maps.
- Removed liberty island plants present in v6.1.


- Made non-swinging cameras reset view rotation after tagging player (vanila fix)
- Fixed bug that makes carcasses already in a map with a weapon in it's inventory just crap out as it has not got spawned ammotype (vanila fix).
- there was a small variation in the time you could pick up a body you just killed/K.O'ed. This is now removed. (vanilla fix).
- Removed haxor line from GMDX load path.

Note to players of GMDX v6.1 ONLY: this should be fine to install on top of a current playthrough and continue.

This is likely to conclude development of the mod. I may pick it back up again one day.


(From description) - Removed custom glock...
OH NO!!! Why did you do that??? IMHO, it was the best pistol in game according to its stats. Ah, I can probably understand ya. You wanted to keep balance. Never mind, it's just my emotions. Honestly, I love this mod even WITHOUT custom glock. CyberP, you did great job in balancing Deus Ex. Big THANK YOU from St . Petersburg, Russia.
P.S. Interesting. What now can we find in the place where custom glock was? Did you remove the suit-case completely?
P.P.S. I hope, I will have enough time to complete the mod before the next update comes)

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P.S. Interesting. What now can we find in the place where custom glock was? Did you remove the suit-case completely?

Weapon mods. Rate of fire and recoil.

The custom glock is still in the code though to keep compatibility with v6.1 players in progress such as yourself.
Upgrading the standard glock with rate of fire mods results in it becoming the custom glock, albeit with faster rate of fire but less damage.

There may not be another update at all. There's still more that can be done for the game but I cannot continue, for now at least.

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I do hope you're able one day, I'll be tracking it!

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Oops, I forgot to log in. That was from me.

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I hope so too :)

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How is this different from previous 6.2 update?

PS: did you notice my feedback in your forum thread?

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It's not. I just didn't release news of v6.2's release right away to have consideration for the Deus Ex: Revision guys who posted their first news in a while. By releasing this news I have knocked revision's news off of the Deus Ex front page, so since this update isn't HUGE I was being considerate :)

And yes, I saw your feedback. Will respond shortly. Thanks btw, feedback is vital.

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