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Just a quick update and some things on myself and stuff to come~

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Hello :D, My name is Scott and this is a little project im working on,its in some pretty infant stages but i am steadily getting everything together.I have been cranking out some art for characters and environments i hope to release soon,as well as at least a few of the models. Though be aware i may adjust some design choices,so some objects here may not reflect the final product. I do games and art as a hobby,but its always been something ive kept to myself,I am looking forward to sharing my work with you guys. The project im working on is going to be mostly done myself(though maybe not some of the music/sounds).Its going to be dark fantasy rpg, Ive always been in love with a sort of toony/goth anime aesthetic,im kind of feeling that cel shade would be a pretty cool way to go,for this specific project,originally i was just going to go straight ps1 style haha.Hang tight and ill have some more goodies in store~

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