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A simple action rpg,with a toony goth aestheic

Prince kohaku is soon to be crowned king,but plans are turned upside down​ as an ancient and powerful witch has been awakened,and has placed a curse on the kingdom and its habitats,into blood thirsty monstrosities as they give into their murderous instinct.Enraged,the king confronts the witch,but ultimately fails and is thrown from the castle, and the new evil ruler takes seat at the throne.

A week later he is found by his loyal companion,and they join forces,along with others untainted,as they fight to put an end to the curse.

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still very alive

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just been doing alot of stuff in school,but i have on the side been making objects like,you know trees,crates,buildings,etc.only thing is i havent had the chance o really sit down with it at shool ^^

but as soon as veterans day hits ill be updating on some things :)

but have a doodle i didflyfree

Getting down to business

Getting down to business


Just a quick update and some things on myself and stuff to come~

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