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With development still going strong, HQ2 has been beefed up with many new features & enhancements.

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The last month of development has been very exciting & smooth. All the main bugs have been fixed. Because development has gone this good, we used the extra time to add in more new features to the mod. A new screen shot has been added to the gallery which show cases off some of these features and hud modifications.

Some of the enhancements include:
-Smart Camera system which tracks the player better for 2d gameplay.
-Breakable objects system. Mappers can make anything breakable. Something Doom3 severly lacked.
-The player carries 2 weapons at a time similar to Contra 3
-Keyboard aiming option has been added. Great for Joysticks.
-Dynamic 2d movement. The player can now move into the background & foreground at given points.
-Interaction Key. Classic style use/interact button.
-Double Jump boots & jet pack items.
-More new weapons added including a pick axe.

Progress wise, we are still on track for a 1 level demo release August or September 2009.


Real good news, looking forward to the demo and for sure the full.

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The demo will be interesting, this looks really fun.

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