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Get ready for a very big article for next month, but in the meantime, here's the information you expect, the first music for the game and some screenshots.

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Hello to you all,

I wish to inform you that the mod is now officially developed by Anonym-Art productions and not just by myself. We are now a team and we are actively seeking people to complete the team. We search a LUA/C++ programmer and one or two character's animators. And one character's modeler. I suggest to contact me if you're interested. I know I promised an article for last month but I finally had some time against unexpected. But do not worry, you will on August 15 a full article on the following topics:

  • The village of indigenous of the island of N. Sanity Beach
  • First drawing of a new character
  • Some information about the scenario
  • First screenshots of the level "Special" that I mentioned on this page :
  • Some screens to another level in development
  • Answers to all your questions, such as the portage on consoles

So here's a message from Merhunes, the Co-Leader of Anonym-Art Productions :

"Hello everyone , first I want to excuse me for my absence and for my lack of news...
I was very busy by my studies and I haven't the time for modding.
Now I'm back and I want to take back my project as well as my place in the team "Anonym-Art Productions".

For my return on moddb I would like to say that the mod "Still of the Skid" is in standby and will be certainly taken back on the CryEngine 3 as project of the team "Anonym-Art Productions". But I would not advance on the subject has the current time.

Secondly I would mean as well as me takes back my post within the team on the mod Crash Bandicoot Returns.
And to finish I would like to present you two maps which I have make has some there time.
I want to speak about the maps "Hunter's Life" and "Bloody Sanctuary".

I am going to put them in download here it in the evenings. I also take advantage of it to announce you that Ciela (another member of Anonym-Art Productions) and myself let us work at present on a mod "Hunter's life 2".

Which will be present in a few days.

That's all for this evening, in the pleasure of my return on the CryEngine 2."

I hope you all to go to this article on August 15. (If the ModDB put online the same day course)

And to keep you waiting, here are some screens of the first part of the island of N. Sanity Beach, this time in the final version, but without the boxes. I was just talking about in the next news. And the first song of the soundtrack.

Thank you all!


The team of Anonym-Art Productions.

pikachu10 - - 1,184 comments

Can't wait :D

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lizarrdo - - 11 comments


we all know that these types of mods never come out. rofl

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SolidFake - - 1,200 comments

What are you doing here then?

just fix your english :D

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Lenox47 Author
Lenox47 - - 676 comments

Well disabused you, it will be released at the end of the year or early 2012, but it comes out is a certainty. I do not agree on a project that can not be completed. So confident. The pessimism does not help anyone.

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dessertmonkeyjk - - 20 comments

You are bold to make a claim like that for the release date. Hope the team is up to it.

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Sph!nx - - 722 comments

Nice to hear you finally have some help now. Perhaps we see some new character animations soon! Good luck!

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Lenox47 Author
Lenox47 - - 676 comments

Coming soon ;) Be patient!

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little-F - - 3 comments

waiting for crash.

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Stealthrellik - - 150 comments

I need to bash tiny with crash NAOW!!!

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Bertholdo - - 1 comments

Keep up the good work! ^^

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dessertmonkeyjk - - 20 comments

I understand... I get sidetrack on my projects like everyone else.

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