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The big update is coming soon! Along with a more stable and polished game you’ll get a new scenario ‘Operation Weserübung’. As we’ve already mentioned, it takes place during the German invasion of Norway in 1940. The scenario features a map with 1530 hexes.

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The first important change is that we’ve improved the AI. It will act more strategically, attack with ships and launch troop landings. Moreover, we’ve added some scripted events. For example, after Germans are stranded on the coast of Norway, the British ships will arrive and their troops will land on the coast too.

There are a lot of new units in this scenario including a coastal battery – a stationary unit for responding to attacks from the sea. It automatically engages enemy ships in its line of sight and can be captured via a ground attack.

The most complex part of the scenario are mechanics of naval warfare. Ships have different systems aboard such as main guns, anti-aircraft guns, depth charges, torpedos, sonars and the propulsion system. All systems are destructible and have their own STR. For instance, if the propulsion system is damaged, the ship’s speed decreases. When an enemy attacks a ship, damage points are shared randomly between its systems. Armored systems such as the main battery lose 1 STR per 1 point of damage. Light or unarmored systems such as torpedo tubes or anti-air guns lose 2 STR per 1 point of damage.

When firing you can choose a weapon from a ship armament by left-clicking on a weapon icon on the right interface column. Otherwise a weapon will be picked automatically.

Different types of ships are well balanced. Destroyers are anti-battleship units. They attack a battleship with torpedos from a 2 hexagons range. The ‘Battleship secondary armament’ skill allows a battleship to fire at destroyers automatically when they come close enough for a torpedo attack. Also destroyers have a sonar which makes them ideal for hunting submarines – they are difficult to detect and deal massive damage to transports.

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