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The summer break is over and it is time for the fall update. New rooms, equipment, planetary content, online features and so much more.

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Dear players,

The summer is over and it is for another update!


The calculation of highscores when you loose / end a game has changes and is less money-focused than before. In addition, when you play with online connection, you can share the highscores with others! See how well you did in comparison to the rest of the community. You do not have to play in the persistent universe, you just need to be online.

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New rooms

There is a new room available in dungeons. I won't spoiler what type of room it is, but you should keep an eye open because there is something really valuable hidden there! There are also five new rooms for your spaceship that you can retrofit to at any space station or shipyard! Upgrading to a Tier II Cockpit improves the shield recharge rate (if any) or your spaceship while a Tier III cockpit also improves the damage of your combat drones. The Tier II botanical garden produces the same amount of food, but it produces alien spices instead of medical supplies. The alien spices can be used at any crafting station to craft buff food. A Tier II drone hangar provides four drone slots instead of two enabling more room space for other rooms while using the full potential of your drones. And don't forget to check out the automatic repair station! While manned, all pieces of equipment are auto-repaired in 20 second intervals.


Loot crates

During the development of Galactic Crew II, I added looting space pirates on enemy ships and your ships, but there was not much of an incentive to board the enemy ship, if your weapon turrets were good enough. So, I completed a feature request that several players requested: random loot crates. There is a chance for up to one loot crate for each storage room on the enemy ship. That means, the bigger the enemy ship, the better the potential loot. In order to grab it, simply teleport someone from your crew to the ship and use the item. The reward is purely random. There is a chance of getting a small amount of crefits, but you can also get almost any item there is randing from simple chunks of meat to epic weapon turret crates. I wanted to make it rewarding but not mandatory. I hope that you will like it.


Extended help dialog

I started creating a help window early on in the Early Access phase. Whenever I noticed that someone struggles with a certain topic, I added content to it. This summer, I got several e-mails and questions here in the forum about certain content, so I added brief descriptions of these topics.

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New equipment

When you defeat enemy NPCs or use the crafting station, you are going to find new pieces of equipment to manufacture and loot that provide nice boosts to your stats!


But wait, there is more...

I also added a lot of new props for planets and designed several dozen of new assets that should enrich your planetary explorations.

The price of higher Tier rooms when retrofitting your spaceship has been increased.

Still searching for crashes

I haven't got any crash reports recently. If you encounter any crashes, please follow the guide below. It would help me to find the source of the crashes that some of you reported.

If you are someone who encountered these crashes and want to help me, please follow the guide below.

  1. Download a tool called Procdump from Microsoft right here. This tool supports a wide range of possibilities to analyze application behaviour. For legal reasons, I can't include it in the game's download since I would not be allowed to re-distribute it. But you can find the download link at the top of the linked website.
  2. Start Galactic Crew II.
  3. Open a command line prompt. You can do this by pressing the Windows key on your keyboard, enter "cmd" (without quotation marks) and press Enter.
    Enter the following bold text into the command prompt and press Enter. procdump.exe -e 1 "Galactic Crew 2.exe"
  4. Play Galactic Crew II until the game crashes. When a crash happens, you should find a Dump File in the installation directory of the game. Please make this crash Dump File available to me in some way (e-mail, link to a cloud, etc.)

In this crash dump file I should see the exact location in the code where the crash happens and hopefully an indicator why it happened.

The next months

So far, I am currently not working on any new content. I hope to get crash reports to find the source for the mysterious crashes some of you encounter and I wait for Valve to enable native support for .NET Desktop dependency. Apart from that, the development of Galactic Crew II is completed. There might be content updates in the future, but I don't want to make any promises as of now. I have big changes in my life coming up and I might conclude my video game development for now. I will still be around for bug fixes, support and balancing issues, of course.

Kindest regards, Benjamin

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