A lot of things have gone wrong, so development is going slowly. A few new things, though.

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Firstly, the Source SDK Seems to have been broken by a recent update. It might be just my copy, but I've heard other mods experiencing the same problem. If it can be fixed, I'll try to do so.

Secondly, map corruption is a pain. The intro map, which explains why you start the actual game deep underground in a pit, got corrupted by some entity, so I'll have to fix that. The map whose pictures I uploaded recently got broken as well, so I just completely redid it. Actually, that's a good thing since It turned out much better than it was in its first incarnation.

Dr. Doozer has been working on the scripts for the first few maps, so at least something's gotten done recently.

Also, the UI has been partially revised by crazyb2000 to reflect the fact that the player isn't wearing an HEV suit, but just traditional rebel clothes. Specifically, the sprint and flashlight meter are gone (flashlight may become its own weapon, depending on if it turns out to enhance or hurt the experience)
We're discussing eliminating the health meter as well, and replacing it with an overlay that indicates you're hurt (Like, for example, Crysis 2 has. Health will still be restored with healthkits though.)

More will probably come after SDK gets fixed.

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Okay, horribly ugly but working fix found: Forums.steampowered.com

So now it works, but is harder to use and ugly. That's a start, though.

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Coppermantis Author
Coppermantis - - 175 comments

It's fixed now. Proceeding as normal.

EDIT: Models still don't work, but brush geometry is back to normal.

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agent00kevin - - 1,276 comments

Hmm. Sounds like its a good thing I keep my Dev rig offline. Im sure Ill pay for that later, but I relly hate being interrupted in the middle of my project.

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WS-GS8 - - 154 comments

Well, I'm no modding expert, but if you happen to be using Source 2009 with this mod (and happen to have Win 7 on the mapper's computer), then this fix --> Facepunch.com
should work nicely, without any problems (I've tested it and had none, anyway).

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