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Full Invasion 2 is a co-op module for Mount & Blade: Warband that has been voted by the community as the best multiplayer mod for the series. Today, we are answering questions from the community and defining the differences between the upcoming versions.

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Greetings, Defenders

We have been busy over the last few months working on two very different versions of Full Invasion 2. You’ll be pleased to hear that since the last update we’ve been making progress at a much faster rate than before.This is due, in part, to our excellent community providing feedback on the recent survey we put out on our ModDB and Steam Group.

In this article we will be answering questions from the community and clarifying the differences between upcoming versions for those who do not already know. In the future, we will be going into a lot more detail about the improvements each version will be bringing.


As mentioned above, there are two versions of Full Invasion which we are currently working on. As of right now, these projects are named Amber 2.0 and Full Invasion: Osiris. For simplicity, you can think of FI:O as a reboot, or entirely new version of Full Invasion 2, whereas Amber 2.0 is an update to the existing content. We do not currently have a release window for either module, but Amber 2.0 will be released before Full Invasion 2: Osiris.


Amber 2.0

When we first started development on Full Invasion 2: Amber, the idea was to provide us with a platform to expand from into the future. Unfortunately, due to engine limitations, this isn’t possible. Adding too much more content onto Amber will cause the module to become unstable, meaning less people will be able to enjoy the effort we put into it.

With Amber 2.0, we’re hoping to fix some of the issues which can be found in Amber, such as visual glitches, crashes and errors, and poor maps made by the previous development team. In addition to this, we plan to expand the UI in a number of areas and add some quality of life improvements to make the mod more enjoyable and easier for new players to get into.


  • Slightly increased performance and load times.
  • Expanded UI elements and personalization.
  • QOL improvements (detailed in future articles).
  • Improvements to all maps (some more significant than others).
  • Changes to balance, pricing, and match flow.
  • Fixes for a number of visual bugs found within Amber.


Full Invasion 2: Osiris

While Amber 2.0 requires a lot of work to complete, Osiris is an entirely new beast. The entire module is being rebuilt from the ground up to expand on areas which have always been lacking in the mod. We hope that the community is excited for its release as we are, because the changes being made are significant.

A lot of new details will be released about FI:O as we get closer and closer to release, so make sure to follow our ModDB page or join our Steam Group to receive notifications about posts like this.

There are a lot of factions in Full Invasion which lack the variety and progression needed to make them enjoyable. This means that they do not get played often, just like the maps which are broken or poorly designed for the Invasion game mode. All of this unused stuff takes up space, which is the exact problem we’re having with Amber. So, with the reboot, we are going to be removing factions and maps which can’t be expanded into something more.


We hope to expand the remaining factions to a level of quality similar to our Lord of the Rings Combined faction, which boasts variety and progression for all types of players to enjoy. We are also adding new factions to FI:O, including Sigmar and Chaos factions from Warhammer Fantasy.

There is not a final faction list available at this time, but we hope to share one with the community shortly.


Because we’re going to be removing a lot of the maps, we’re adding new ones to complement the roster of expanded maps from Amber. These new maps will implement a lot of new assets, as they are being built specifically with FI:O in mind.

We received a lot of helpful feedback from the community in regards to maps that should be expanded and kept in, so thank you to everyone who shared their thoughts with us.

Amber Fort

We would like to round this article off with a few popular questions we have seen around the community over the past few months. If there is anything else you would like to know, we would love to answer them in he comments below!

What are you most excited about implementing in this update?

Personally, I’m excited for the new maps (which might be because I’m working on them).

As a team, we're excited for decreased loading times, persistent stats, and the new equipment screen we will be showing in the future.

Will there be a system where the money we have earned in a match is restored upon crashing?

Yes, this is actually one of the QOL improvements that was referenced above. If you happen to crash or disconnect in the new versions, you will be able to rejoin the server and still have all your kills, deaths, and gold from before you left the match. Losing progression sucks, especially if you've been in a game for the entire match,

If a player is kicked from the game by an admin, their stats will reset as a punishment for bad behaviour, as kicking right now doesn't serve a purpose.

Is there a possibility of an online, database-linked scoreboard ever being made?

Not for Full Invasion 2, but persistent tracking may be possible in Full Invasion 3 depending on the tools TaleWorlds makes available for Bannerlord.

Will you run a beta test?

Possibly, we would like to get feedback from the community in some form before a full release.

Are you guys going to make usable siege equipment?

No, we have no plans to add them to Full Invasion 2.

Will random boxes be changed in any way?

Yes, we’re currently experimenting to see what works best to make them both balanced and fun to use. Their price will likely be decreased, as well as expanded into multiple boxes for different types of equipment.

That’s all for today’s article, but we’ll be back shortly with a new article detailing UI improvements coming to the next versions. Be sure to follow us on ModDB or join our Steam Group to be notified when it’s released!


Pretty stoked for Osiris. Since it's a module being built from the ground up, Is there any chance that it will be more playable or stable on Mac?

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TrotsTwats Author

Osiris should be a lot more compatible with different systems than Amber currently is. We don't know for sure at this time, but it should be playable on Mac and 32-bit systems.

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That's great news to hear; I'll definitely be flowing this closely. Best of luck!

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Ok, so Amber will be updated classic.

And Osiris will be more fit, utility mod. With less crashes, more combined factions, and less of undeveloped ones?

Sounds nice. More sterile, quick to launch Osiris will be the one for me I guess. I'm all out or amber - I like variety. But unless it becomes less prone for crashes, It'll be my second choice.

I wish Bannerlord comes out soon. The engine will be so much better for larger mods like Full Invasion 2...

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How are the warhammer factions named? Warhammer Fantasy Chaos and Warhammer Fantasy Empire or is it Warhammer Fantasy Combined?

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TrotsTwats Author

Right now they are labeled as 'Empire of Sigmar' and 'Storm of Chaos'.

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I would like to see expansion on the imperium of man faction. I think that a lot could be added, and as a 40k tabletop player of the imperial guard I know a lot about what weapons they can use. Expansions on weapons and characters I would like to see are the addition of commissars, and to go with that bolt pistols, and plasma pistols (which might have a "gets hot" ability of some kind where it may overheat and damage the player), as well as power weapons across the board. The ability to have Carapace armor would be nice too, as an extra type of armor that is more protective. Different types of guardsmen would be nice, so adding Tallarn desert raiders, catachans, mordian iron guard, vostroyans, etc. would be a nice thing to be able to pick from. Do the easy ones first, so for tallarn just take some middle eastern stuff and modify it, and for catachans just give them buff bodies. Ability to choose gunnery sergeant harker would be a nice hero choice, as well as space marines being nerfed and cheaper, and also even more advanced space marine heroes and stuff be added that is as OP as the space marines currently are. I would also like to see the addition of plasma guns, flamers (if possible, that would be awesome if you can get that working, just having you shoot fire, then it disappears after a really short time), and sniper rifles (just take one from the modern era). Rough riders would be an awesome addition, just take normal guard stuff as well as some Hun stuff (there is a rough rider regiment based on the Huns), add some lances (if you can, since in the lore and game they explode on impact, if you make it so that when they are couched they deal an absolute ton of damage, but they disappear, and you get a broken vodka bottle in it's place because north and south), no lasguns, just laspistols, and chainswords. That's all from me, and I hope you take my suggestions into account! I love your mod, and you guys are really amazing devs.

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TrotsTwats Author

We will not be expanding 40k at this time, but be sure to make this as a suggestion on our Steam Group! We appreciate all of the feedback the community gives us there.

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This mod is awesome but, please, more maps for battle... ;P
PD: 40k +1

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3 questions.

1. Does the empire of sigmar faction use the models from warsword conquest, if so does it have even more, or is it just the stuff from them (is it expanded upon, mainly in the uniform color and therefore province department).

2. Any chance of future expansion of more warhammer fantasy factions?

3. I just wanted to say I had 3 questions.

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The Empire of Sigmar and Storm of Chaos factions will be based on the "Grim Age" mod, which Warsword Conquest has also used for those factions. There are currently no plans for more Warhammer factions, as Grim Age only provides us with the resources to make these two factions.

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Nice!!! So will High elves and Dark elves be added too since they are from the Warsword conquest mod so I do not know if they are from Grim Age or not. I hope they are though. Anyways has the map of the Mines of Moria been added yet?

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