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With the new year comes more progress....and a Mac OSX Patch.

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With the new year comes more progress. One of our primary goals of our demo release was a larger testing and feedback pool from the public. So far the feedback has been very constructive from a wide number of people. There are mechanics that need some adjusting and you, the public, have been very helpful on what you did and did not like along with suggestions to help iron out the problems. We're listening to everyone and discussing all the constructive points.

Our second major goal of the release was to show what we have, prove ourselves, and hopefully draw in new talent that will enable us to work at an even more efficient and faster pace. With this goal, we've also been very successful.

Mr. Rocket joined us shortly after release mainly as our new texture artist. He had shown some community interest on our public forums with a map he was working on using our demo as a base. After finding out he has a long experience with texture creation, well......we greased those gears real fast! He's been adding new texture sets since.

Aaron also joined us around the same time as Mr. Rocket. He had messaged our programmer, sent in some code, and expressed a strong interest with A.I. code. Since we have quite a few released monsters that could use smartening, and a bunch of unreleased monsters that have been waiting for their A.I., his talents would be huge plus. Needless to say his first task has been one of the first new monsters in the next HUB......the hellwasp!

Rolls3d, our new character modeler, has been a Hexen fan for some time. We had a forum user post up some renders he had done in the past and they looked great. "Would he do some modelling for us?" we thought and immediately contacted him. The good news is he certainly would!

Now that we had a new character modeler, we also needed more assistance in the concept department. Rei joined us in December and was immediately put to work. First task: Wendingo concept. It's been shaping up very nice!

All said and done the team has been rejuvenated after release. Our old members are continuing what we do and our new members have jumped right into the frenzy. We have a feeling this year is going to be great year for Hexen!

Also to all Mac OSX users. We had gotten quite a few inquiries about playing Edge of Chaos on a Mac. At the time of release we were unable to compile our code for the platform. Luckily, Simulation over at was awesome enough to compile our code last week and send back the universal DLL for you all. You can grab the OSX patch below, Hexen: Edge of Chaos Demo required.

Hexen: Edge of Chaos Demo OSX Patch:
Raven Games

MD5 Checksum of the zip package: ad08a88d89606f9297143639e222f841

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this is great news :)

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Yeah awesome news indeed! Congrats guys

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