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Western Saloon developement continues after some "internal issues"

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I am back !

It's been several months (1 year) since the last update on our ModDB page . We're not dead ! It was a time not too clear but when we tried to balance their academics with the development of the game . There are many new news; if you have patience to read it all, I'll explain everything !

Welcome Unity 3D

Now many of you will not agree, and will fold in convulsions, but I decided to switch to a different editor. I'm not going to start a war between Unreal and Unity fans so I will only say that I am much better in this development environment and programming in C # with the ability to debug is infinitely better for me.

Forever Alone

Exactly! My partner programmer has left the project. This means that currently I am the only one who will follow the project. I admit that at first it was frustrating having to deal with both parts. I started to learn C# , transmission protocols, client - authoritive server theory and everything that could serve the purpose. Currently I made a first concept of the lobby system , login and game. In the next few days maybe I will add some details about the work.

New Models

Despite the incredible amount of time lost on "programming stuff", I made 3d models for scenarios , characters and gameplay elements . Currently I have made ‚Äč‚Äčabout 500 models!

New website!

You can visit (currently in progress) .
And that's it ! Until next time!

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