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After getting much feedback about many technical issues with the previous demo, I've been hard at work this past week, trying to fix most of those problems. Well now I have a new upload of the demo that is far more playable. But it's still an alpha build, and it's still far from complete.

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First I would have to thank you guys once again for understanding that this my first alpha demo I've ever released for a stand alone indie game, and no one gets it right on the first try. I'm very fortunant to see how rapidly the popularity is growing for this project. Getting featured on sites like MTV games, Joystick, Destructoid, Kotaku, and the list just goes on. It's also very flattering to get a bit of praise from Industry Icon Cliff Bleszinski.

But at times I feel like I'm just floating on hot air when getting all this exposure from an alpha demo that barely works. It's been ripped apart by many when featured on other sites either for being broken, or looking too much like killzone 2. It's pretty obvious that I am a big fan of Killzone 2, I've always admired It's use of chaotic battleground atmosphere that's rarely seen in other shooters. and I found it even more fascinating that future war scenes from the James Cameron Films had a strong resemblance of chaos seen in killzone.

And after much controversy and criticism towards the design of the main rifle used in the game, It has been decided to change the design once again. This time the weapon is a modified MZ-14, which is what the soldiers used in T2 anyway. At first, I wasn't too sure about how the weapon would look in a first person view, but now I have gone past that fear, and I'm quite satisfied with how it looks in-game.

But a new weapon model is not the only thing new in this update. thanks to the community at the Epic Games, UDK forum, I was able to take care of that dreaded performance problem on newer graphics cards and drivers. Just an FYI the game's framerate is locked at 32 fps. I did this so the frame rate would be more consistant making dips less noticable. You should expect the game run much smoother than It did on the first demo.

Personally what I think is harder than fixing a bug, Is to hunt for them. If it wasn't for you guys playing the first alpha demo, It would have taken me much longer to fix those issues.

Here is a list of things that I have fixed and\or tweaked. (this list is also in the readme download)

  • Significantly better performance on the latest graphics cards, and drivers.
  • Custom pause menu prevents UtHud from appearing.
  • Simple checkpoint system that allows the player to respawn a few meters back from where they died, instead of having to restart the level.
  • Simple settings in the main menu for adjusting look sensitivity
  • Fixed bug that prevented certain animations from playing
  • Resistance soldiers move a bit faster
  • Resistance soldiers in cover will cease fire if enemies are out of range (but not 100%).
  • Fixed jittering in the opening camera animation
  • Fixed bug that allowed the player to assassinate a standing terminator while it's in crawler form.
  • Resistance Assault rifle has been redesigned to prevent some controversy with a paticular fan-base
  • Some unintentional shortcuts in the level has been fixed
  • Fix the absence of certain postprocessing effects, such as bloom, motionblur, and Dof
  • Fov has been increased by 5 degrees
  • fixed the low-res textures on the skynet plasma rifle.
  • The game's resolution by default is now at 1024x768
  • Player's health recharges faster

Well I hope you enjoy this iteration of an on going project, have fun and enjoy your summer!

Mob11 - - 28 comments

Thanks a lot, you bunch of fanboy scum. You made him get rid of a perfectly good weapon model.

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KILLER89(FIN) - - 2,311 comments

Well... we can always stick the new rifle to fan boy's *****, right?

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[Q]uik - - 458 comments

the new gun is great aswell, however i liked the old gun a lot, i was just giving it critism, which isnt bad. I didnt intent to get rid of it so to say, however i also like the new gun a lot.

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askenase - - 65 comments


i dont play this game i dont even know what those fanboyz done but i just wanted to say that:
Everyone hate them you guys know that!!!
Some reason why:
They dont take showers
all what they do is discuss about the fanboyz stuff
they starting lecturing everyone about the fanboyz stuff!
and so on...

btw: I luv fangirls! Fangirls got boobs!

edit: im recognizing that most of the fanboyz got boobs too. so those fangirls must have something that fanboyz dont have. maybe they take at least a shower in a week?

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rorios - - 109 comments

The original gun in the first beta looked a lot like the main assault rifle thing from Killzone 2, and obviously all the fanboys of killzone just get all upity about it, it's bollocks.

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OhNoesBunnies! - - 1,209 comments

The change in rifle was a good thing; I'm not a fanboy either but he's making a terminator game- not a Killzone 2 game.

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Analdin - - 177 comments

Or both weapons will be implemented one day :D

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Kamikazi[Uk] - - 1,412 comments

Looks good :D. I agree loads of people have been saying it's to much like killzone 2, i think it's nothing like it. Just because one game looks slightly like another using same weapon people always asume it's a copy. Great work on new weapon looks better anyway :D.

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nero_angelo - - 37 comments

better performance but not really yet it but continues to optimize it and it'll be perfect

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kuadziw - - 302 comments

Gotta check it out as the first alpha. Thanks anyway!

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DarkLiberator - - 155 comments

Fantastic update, I'll feature this on my Youtube channel. :)

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werty2517 - - 242 comments

So do you have to buy the full version or something?

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Dr.Doozer - - 583 comments

Full version isn't even done yet. This is a demo. Like a tech demo.

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death5421 - - 342 comments

**** yes. that is all.

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ravaholm - - 24 comments

Best alpha evar!
Although despite having a GTX 260m and a core i7 I couldn't even reach 30 frames on 1920x1080 :(

Hopefully there well be a vastly improved beta version :)

To KZ2 community: As quoted by Encyclopedia Dramatica "The color (colour if your a Britfag) pallet in the game is otherwise steaming dog ****. It is as dry and bland as your over 9,000 year old ancestors pussy. In fact the only colors used are brown, black and gray. It makes Gears of War look like a ******* rainbow. "

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KILLER89(FIN) - - 2,311 comments

It's going to be alpha for a long time.
(Not that it would suck)

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Drakel101 - - 66 comments

Then maybe you should turn your res down, considering how he said it was performance heavy and didn't like the latest graphic card drivers you idiot.

It's twats like you that make people hate Americans.

"Britfag"? Who the **** are you to call the people that *created* your nation ****?

Colour wise its fine, the fact the only level is based at night and that it's not exactly like some random piece of metal is going to retain its shiny pink colour after a robot near-apocalypse.

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ravaholm - - 24 comments

Firstly: I love how you assume I'm American. Wrong hemisphere.

Secondly: "britfag" is actually in the quote. Search it yourself.

Thirdly: It's not like I was shunning this mod, I was just trying to state my personal disappointment with the current circumstances. After all, I did acknowledge this was an Alpha.

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askenase - - 65 comments

i hate you both you guys are like fanboyz!

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gregfriis - - 62 comments

Why do I randomly die all the time?
Also, why can't you move while crouched?
And why does the screen get ridiculously dark at times?

I can't tell what's going on. When I fire my gun, I'm blinded by the muzzle flash. Still, it captures the terminator atmosphere quite well.

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k00pa - - 22 comments

That looked pretty damn awesome! Good direction, waiting to see more.

I recommend to remove most of the screen shaking, because it was sometimes hard to see what is going on.

But the graphics looked amazing :P

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MajorBanter - - 110 comments

I will continually maintain that this indie game is top class.

Thus, I don't see why it had to copy a weapon from another game.

Raises the question of who's being a fanboy with all the flak flying. Utterly pointless argument.

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mrgriggs - - 82 comments

Performance is no where near acceptable yet.

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Narlyteeth Author
Narlyteeth - - 463 comments

specs? resolution?

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mrgriggs - - 82 comments

Sorry, what I wrote was completely uninformative and could be considered as mildly unnecessarily offensive; my computer specifications are as such.

4gb Ram
2.4ghz q6600 (Intel Quad core processor)
resolution at 1024 * 768

I run other games perfectly fine such as Bad company 2 at a steady rate set to graphics settings that most others cannot attain with their systems.

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masterchief396 - - 425 comments

Performance is fine for me the only thing that bothers me so far is I have a red Hue over everything which makes it impossible to see. (Literally) I can't seem to get rid of it either. Other then that I like it. The screen shake is a little too much at this point like someone above said if you took it down just a few notches it might be a little better. Great work.

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Drakel101 - - 66 comments

I had that, happened when I was using the UDK as well.

Update your graphics card drivers, my Nvidea GTX+ 9800 sorted it out after I updated.

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Jam3s007 - - 1,217 comments

The new model is better and fits the terminator persona better anyways.
Keep up the great work! Don't listen to the haters or fanboys.

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0SmooK0 - - 157 comments

Well I still think explosions and fire like stuff has to be made better detailed and more realistic looking.

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xureus - - 2 comments

you did a good job so far. Keep up the good work!

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Incognito84 - - 27 comments

Just want you to know that you're doing a fantastic job, mate!

Don't listen to the critics. You did the right thing by labeling it Alpha and because of that they really shouldn't be ramming opinions down your throat this early on.

So far this is shaping up to be a really good game and the high quality of the models, textures, environments and effects is really showing through, despite it being an Alpha. Keep up the good work!

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acwel - - 23 comments

just wondering....will you be giving it a wider selection for graphics options later on like more resolution options and the ability to do high, med, and low graphics....if you have already done that in your most recent update i apologize as i havent gotten to play it yet.....

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Zedrion - - 157 comments

GREAT game dude keep up the great work. to you fanboyz bashing this guys hard work...... can you say you made anything that Cliffy B said he LIKED and if this team hasnt already been signed they WILL BE? guess not.

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blahblahblah12333 - - 526 comments

This looks seriously bad-***.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
faulk - - 754 comments

the performance is awesome. no lag at all! and it looks great. fooled me into thinking I was watching a clip from the movies... until I realized I could move around!

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Spuzaw - - 31 comments

"Fov has been increased by 5 degrees"

Nice! He listened to my suggestion. ..or at least someones.

I don't know if 5 degrees is enough though, it felt very low in first demo. What would be really nice is an option to change the FOV to your liking. Than Everyone wins.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
synecdoche - - 9 comments

So intense...I can see this turning into something really good. Couldn't tell what the hell was happening most of the time, but I thought that was really fun. I'd love to see a destroyed playground though. That image has always stuck with me after the second film. Keep up the good work.

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Tim_the_Wizard - - 135 comments

0o0 The graphics are so good!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Tim_the_Wizard - - 135 comments

Lags a lot on high resolution even on my master crysis running rig. O_O
Still fun though.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
TyeTheCzar - - 120 comments

Could you add in an option for the health pack style instead of rechargable health? That's something I'm just getting really tired of in games. Heck you could even utilize them the Duke Nukem way by having one in reserve in case you're in a pinch.
So, keep up the good work!

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reelo2228 - - 56 comments

Those t-800s never die :(, is there a weak spot??? They are just scraps of metal after all!
I had to run behind him and melee all the time xD

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SemVision - - 504 comments

Honestly I think the only reason people compared it to Killzone 2 is because of that assault rifle. The way I see it, now that you changed the assault rifle model, suddenly the game does not even resemble Killzone 2 anymore.

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rapchee - - 36 comments

is there supposed to be music in the opening scene like in the video? because i didn`t get any sound at all

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dealman - - 270 comments

Okay, the feeling in this game is just sick. It's so ******* genius. Never ever in my life have I played a FPS Game where it actually makes you feel slightly like you're the one in the battlefield.

Great graphics, textures and effects for being an Alpha release. Keep up with this, and it'll be a masterpiece once finished!

*Imagine a game with the quality of MW2(Single Player) and a gameplay like this, epic.

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Hokospokos - - 60 comments

Wow! This is really nice! Finally a Terminator FPS that might actually not suck. I like how adapted the 80's version instead of the 00's version. Plasma ftw!

Though I can't play the game. I have installed it and are able to run it but as soon as I come into a session the screen turns black. My computor isn't the best but not bad. From what I know my specs are:
1.8 GHz
256mb Geforce graphic card (don't know exact model but I think it's named 7300 or something).

I play games at 800x600 and I tried it on this game. No go.

I read that the game in heavy on the computor but can/will that be fixed in the future? I really like to play this game :)

Keep up the good work!

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Darkbladecr - - 1,039 comments

great mod, the animations on the guns are well done, and I love the atmosphere!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
zivs - - 10 comments

Having rather bad performance issues - not more than ~11-14 FPS (using Fraps to detect that) on AMD Athlon X2 64bit 5000+, 8600GT 128mb and 3GB RAM (DDR2 or something).

FPS also doesn't really change on resolution switching - on 800x600, for example, I get white stripes on right side of monitor and the game isn't really stretched fullscreen (seems like those non-widescreen resolutions are somewhat crippled for me). Oh, that's on 17' CRT monitor by the way :)

Otherwise it looks really promising and neat at this development stage - looking forward for next updates where hopefully will be some improvements on performance and introduced invert mouse option at least ^^

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capitolistaxe - - 13 comments

The visuals for this are very impressive. Unfortunately, my gaming rigs a bit obsolete i end up getting a terrible FPS (5 frames per second if you trust fraps).
I ran the game at at resolution of 800x600 with a nvidia GeForce 8600GT, Im not really sure how much RAM it has.

Even tho I wasnt sure what i was doing it was still very nice. The atmosphere of the level is great.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Jedilink - - 4 comments

This demo is WAY too chaotic. And I downloaded the newest updated version. The graphics look great but everything has constant motion blurs on it that make it difficult to understand your position in relation to things. Not to mention there is NO REASON why there should be constant air bombings on the areas the player will run through. This leads to frustration as one cannot even run without EVERYTHING CONSTANTLY shaking or even random unexplainable deaths.

Give players more choice, as in graphical and control options. Allow US to tweak graphics and controls to our own liking.

Looks nice but it's hardly playable. Too chaotic. Too chaotic. TOO CHAOTIC.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
FoxRoad - - 68 comments

LOL to heavy for my com.. i got black screen.. even i hav gf 7900gs card.

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