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We're developing the RPG components in Fortis Rex. We've included a new screenshot and a description of the new system.

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We've been busy developing the new RPG System in Fortis Rex, plus fixing some gameplay bugs. The RPG aspect of Fortis Rex lets you choose from 11 past traits, 4 recent traits, and 7 guilds. Here are the traits and guilds listed:

Past Traits: These are chosen as traits that you developed in your past(in your childhood and teenager years) and give you the largest bonus, of course you can choose to not have a past trait
No Past Traits
Technological Prowess
Kind and Generous
Demon Slayer
Traditional Empathy
The Armor Of God

Recent Traits: Recent traits alter gameplay: you can choose from one of four major branches to the main storyline, and each branch will grant you different reactions from various NPCs throughout the game world
No Recent Traits
Apprentice To A Knight

Guilds: You can join one of seven guilds in Fortis Rex, and possibly join even more if you complete certain quests. Each of these guilds have a headquarters in a major city in Fortis Rex.
Cartographers Guild
Eye Of The Emperor
Technologists Guild
Traditionalists Guild
Journeymans Guild
Crusaders Guild
Guild Of The Holy Relics

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