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I'm resuming on my progress related to the mod, and I give out a continuation of the story.

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First of all, happy new year! Let it be filled with nice things and let's hope that Valve will tell us something about Half-Life 3.

OK, I have started with 3D modelling, and all I need is practice, so expect a player model of me one day.

I haven't coded for 5 months, that's unfortunate, but, it was just copy and paste, so never mind. Hmm, I said "forget about the forest", so what is that supposed to mean?

Will Admer456 exit the forest? Or get teleported? Or perhaps it's a dream which makes no sense? Tell me in the comments, please.

OK, so anything after c1e2 (I don't know about the parts) will not happen in the forest, am I clear? Alright, I hope that you'll find out what happens in the transmission between the forest and the city, but nobody will guess what happens, unless you probably guess how does the player get to the city.

Regarding the modelling, I have officially made a crate! Which comes in the next download of the mod.

I'd like to state one thing, I'm not receiving a lot of comments lately. But you probably have nothing to ask about the mod, which is fine, I won't mind it.

Hmm, I still can't make my hand in 3ds Max, but I certainly can't make a weapon view model, they are so hard! Well, I can keep trying.

I am also attempting to install Adobe Premiere Elements 10. It's a nice program for video editing, so the video section should contain better videos.

And, my mapping skills got better, yay. So, I will bring updated maps aswell as new ones, in the next demo, which will also contain some nice maps to be seen in Chapter 3 & 5! I wonder how that goes out... Now, I am facing a serious problem, as I can't make voices for characters anymore :(

Well, that's it for now, and, anybody can contribute to the development of this mod, if you're interested. No, I missed it, now it's 00:09 o'clock, and I was aiming for 00:00.

phipe - - 519 comments

A teleportation is a relatively easy way to get him to the city, so if the mod isn't story-heavy I don't see any problem with it.

I don't write comments on moddb as often as I used to. I feel like I rarely have something good to say that isn't wishes of luck or the like. I do however read every news post that you make and look forward to updates.

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Admer456 Author
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I don't know, the events take time from 2017 to 2018, but it's possible, since the artificial universe (Gameria) is programmable. So that means that people literally program particles and create things out of code, they can even copy and paste. So, that enabled the creation of teleportation devices.

But, as soon as it had become populated, nobody modified it (for security reasons).

Of course, I'm talking about the mod, not real life, but it would have been nice if all above happened.

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phipe - - 519 comments

A programmable universe is quite a neat idea. Toying with the concept should be fruitful for sure!

Thinking back to the forest>city, maybe the main character finds a abandoned place in the forest to rest at, only to wake up surrounded by city blocks. He might've have accidently rested in a disguised time warp - or more alarmingly - have had the city built over him in a single night.

If the latter, it would explain why there's only enemies (hostile copypasters/duplicators/builders) as residents and civilians haven't had time to move in yet. It would also be a way of silently introducing the problems with the control + paste technology.

When we decide to create or do something, the acts are often not immediate. We always have time to hesitate, plan things out more, or stop all together. But in a universe where everything can be created in nearly a instant, there's bound to be serious consequences when things are created on a whim, especially if the people involved happen to be upset, angry or greedy at the time.

Got some new ideas for you by reading your comment. Hope it inspires a bit :)

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Admer456 Author
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Yes, some evil people did trick the leaders (the good people which act like presidents for each area) into fighting by creating buildings which some leaders wouldn't like (those establishments would be on their land), so a leader would say that another leader built the building on that restricted area, and when the "guilty" leader would try to delete that building, he wouldn't have access to it, because it was built by the evil person, what would then result in a war between those two, while nobody would notice that the evil people were the ones behind it all.

The whole story is quite interesting, it will be revealed in the final version.

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