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For being an "indie game", Forge of Realms has very little "game" in it. This is primarily a tool to allow hobbyists and Dungeon Masters to dynamically create world maps for their tabletop campaigns. To that end, the goal of this project is to make Forge of Realms as open to modification as possible.

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The impetus for creating Forge of Realms was that I'm a huge fan of map-making, and I was seeing a lot of common pitfalls in other online World-Generators. I'll spare you the lecture on Perlin Noise, but basically in this generator I'm trying to create maps that work the same way the real world works, with clear mountain ranges, fertile valleys, and more.

The previews I've posted are all example Fantasy worlds I've created, but you can modify this tool to create any worlds you want, be they Sci-fi, Realistic, Candy-land, etc. I'll soon upload a beta version and I'd appreciate any feedback you have on it!

Forge of Realms: Preview Build

As for new features I hope to add soon:

  • Features/Locations: Basically this would let you randomly place named locations like pyramids, stone circles, etc throughout your world.
  • Custom Skyboxes/Oceans: Right now you're stuck with the default skybox and water. It would be cool though, to swap in lava, etc.
  • Dynamic Lore: Having settlements contain brief blurbs about their leaders, populations, histories, etc.
  • Dynamic Weapon/Item Generation: This would be a side-project, that would randomly generate 3D weapons/items for your party.

Some of these would take more time than others, and I'd appreciate your thoughts on which ones to work on first.

About Me: Some of you may be familiar with my Medieval II: Total War mod Westeros: Age of Petty Kings, and my work on the Call of Warhammer: Beginning of the End Times (I was mostly working on the mod's Campaign Map, funnily enough). I learned a lot from both projects which I'm now taking to this one.

As for me personally, I'm a Software Developer in San Diego who's currently employed full time, so this is a project I'm working on at home. I'll do my best to post regular updates and respond in a timely manner, but just know that I'll be quite busy with work, especially for the next few months.


Thanks man for doing this and best of luck to you. Hope it will help you perfect your skills.

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Hey this is a nice thing and i see great potential in it! but is there a way to customise the civliztions and possible movment of icons via grid box. But other than that this is a great start for an great project.

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bertio5 Author

You can customize civs in the streamingassets folder. No movement though for the moment...

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