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In progress of uploading so may take a day or two to appear!

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Hello All

Not much new progress, due to me being in exam season at college. This will the the last update till around June time and i finish exams!

This version will be a standalone file, no 0.4.8 or 0.4.9 needed. Unfortunately I had to remove the shipyard system to get the AI to work again but they function fully now. Also added some lovely redone maps and a new unit - The escort carrier for the empire.

Mitthrawnuruodo has made some lovely maps for Bodgen and Denon implemented.

I have also made an installer for people who dont like manual installation and find the .rar thing confusing!

Changelog as follows:
- Fixed the AI doing nothing;
- Removed shipyard system to fix AI, will re implement in future;
- Replaced all stock maps with redone ones courtesy of Mobbmann;
- Decreased build costs, they are more than default but less than before; build times are same;
- New Bodgen Landmap;
- New Denon Landmap.

This version will hopefully be fully functioning in terms of GC, next job is to add Pirates!
As always feel free to PM, comment or email me if you want to help or have bugs or suggestions.

See you on the other side...

FOC Enhancements 0.5.0
FOC Enhancements 0.5.0

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